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From plug-and-play Honda Pioneer turn signals and blinker lights to complete Honda Pioneer turn signal and horn kits, retrofit your rig with a durable, functional, and easy-to-install turn signal / horn setup with the help of the friendly folks here at Everything Honda Offroad. Not only do we have Honda Pioneer 1000 turn signal kits and horns, but we also sell Honda Pioneer 700 turn signal kits, Honda Pioneer 500 turn signal kits, as well as full signal / horn kits from well-respected companies like XTC and Custom Dynamics!

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One of the primary shortcomings with Honda Pioneers is the signal package that comes installed from the factory. More specifically, many owners recognize the lack of turn signals and want a kit that will make their Pioneer street legal. Sure, you can piece together the bulbs, wiring, and other components needed to make a turn signal, but that’s nowhere near the most efficient approach. The best option is to purchase and install a complete Honda Pioneer turn signal kit. Aftermarket street legal kits come pre-wired for easy installation, and they are surprisingly affordable.

Unlike some Honda Pioneer signal and horn kits, the packages we offer are clean-looking and unobtrusive. They come with everything you need including connectors, mounts, rocker switches, and signal levers, and they rarely require removal of factory components. We carry products from top brands such as XTC Power Products and Custom Dynamics, so you can trust your signals will last through years of abuse. Installing a Honda Pioneer turn signal kit on your machine has never been easier. With the plug-and-play packages from Everything Honda Offroad, you’ll be one step closer to making your UTV the ultimate do-all dirt and street machine!

Not all Pioneer owners want to install an elaborate signal kit. Some people simply need some improved foundational components before adding a few small accessories. If that’s the case for you, then you should consider our universal ground post and busbar from XTC Power Products. These simple products make incorporating new accessories an easy process, and they’ll lay the groundwork for you to install a full set of Honda Pioneer turn signals later if you decide to go that route.

We offer several common wiring accessories for owners who either don’t want a complete Honda Pioneer signal and horn kit or simply want to compliment the signal kit already installed on their UTV. The first accessory is a plug-and-play harness for installing a license plate light or light whip. If style is something your machine lacks, then this is the ideal wiring component to get you on the right path. Our second option is a 4-pin trailer connector. You can dress up your Pioneer all you want, but it’s still a utilitarian machine at heart, and a trailer lighting connector is an ideal component to stay true to its roots. Lastly, we offer a 3-pin brake and tail light harness. This simple accessory plugs directly into your OE tail light harness for an immediate upgrade that facilitates the installation of a Honda Pioneer turn signal kit. Of course, no Pioneer is street legal without a horn, so we are pleased to offer a Honda Pioneer air horn kit that includes the mounting bracket, wiring harness, and push-button activation switch.

Finally, we offer a couple different Honda Pioneer turn signal kits that have everything you’ll need to outfit your machine from front to back. Some kits come with their own front and rear signal bulbs while others use converters that make use of the stock rear lamps. Both of our signal kits come with a horn as well, which is a requirement for most localities if you hope to register and license your Pioneer for street use. All components in these Honda Pioneer signal and horn kits function the same as they do in standard automobiles. There is a lane changing feature that actuates the appropriate signal for a long enough duration to complete a lane change before self-cancelling, and the dash display includes flashing green arrows for easy reference when driving. Best of all, these Honda Pioneer signal and horn kits are plug-and-play systems that don’t require crimping or cutting factory wires.

Whether you’re using them as a formality to gain access to public roads or to indicate route intentions when leading convoys, turn signal kits are a great addition to any UTV. The Honda Pioneer turn signal kits from Everything Honda Offroad combine form and function into simple systems anyone can successfully install, so your Pioneer will be street legal with all the necessary requirements along with a few beneficial styling and utilitarian components for good measure. For a few hundred dollars, you can double the number of areas you can ride your Pioneer, so the investment is a no-brainer. Look through our extensive catalog of Honda Pioneer turn signal kits and let us help you improve your machine’s versatility today!

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