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Gain stability and widen your vehicle’s stance with some Honda PIoneer 1” wheel spacers, Honda Pioneer 1.5” wheel spacers, or Honda Pioneer 2” wheel spacers from Everything Honda Offroad. And if you’re looking to run rims with a non-conforming bolt pattern, we also offer Honda Pioneer wheel adapters / rim adapters for that very purpose!

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Not only are Honda Pioneer wheel spacers great for lifted, top-heavy vehicles, but they also just look cool. Wheel spacers give the Pioneer improved stability with a wider and more aggressive stance, and they reduce the risk of rollovers when cornering or making sharp / abrupt turns. Furthermore, as their name would suggest, wheel spacers also create more space, allowing riders to run bigger tires without rubbing or scrubbing against the wheel wells, bumpers, tie rods, or suspension. While lift kits and forward a-arms can help create space for monster tires, sometimes, a 1” Honda Pioneer wheel spacer set, a 1.5” Honda Pioneer wheel spacer set, or a 2” Honda Pioneer wheel spacer set is the best course of action. Be it some billet aluminum wheel spacers for your Honda Pioneer 1000, or a wheel spacer kit made from solid steel for your Honda Pioneer 500, you’re sure to find the wheel spacers and Honda Pioneer wheel adapters you’re after at Everything Honda Offroad! 

There are a lot of side-by-side wheel spacer brands out there, and you might be thinking that the cheap $20 spacers are just as good as $100 spacers. But good spacers like those by SuperATV, QuadBoss, and RB3 Off-Road have at least $20 worth of hardware alone in their wheel spacer kits. You can run different-sized wheel spacers in the front and rear of your Honda Pioneer, or use the same size throughout. Some riders like their front and tires to track the same, while others prefer their rear wheelbase to be wider than their front wheelbase. But whichever size wheel spacers you intend on getting and whatever reasons you may have for wanting Honda Pioneer wheel spacers, the ones you’ll find at Everything Honda Offroad will hold up spectacularly and never loosen up before, during, or after a ride!

Typically sold in pairs and made from billet aluminum or other metal alloys, wheel spacers for the Honda Pioneer are designed to withstand any punishment you can throw at them. For many riders, the less unsprung weight, the better, which is why aftermarket parts providers have painstakingly strove to make their wheel spacers as light as humanly possible. One thing you should be wary of, however, is that front wheel spacers could expose the front brake calipers to hazards like rocks and sticks — especially in the Honda Pioneer 500. Although not a huge deal, you should keep this in mind if you’re about to hit a particularly nasty trail. 

Along with the huge selection of Honda Pioneer wheel spacers available at Everything Honda Offroad, we also offer Honda Pioneer wheel adapters for the Pioneer 1000, Honda Pioneer 700, and Honda Pioneer 500. If, for example, you have Honda Pioneer 700 rims that you’re wanting to install on a Honda PIoneer 1000, we have 4x110 to 4x137 wheel adapters to do just that. Conversely, if you want to run Honda PIoneer 1000 rims on a Honda Pioneer 700 or 500, you’ll need a set of 4x137 to 4x110 wheel adapters. And even if you’d like to run Polaris rims, Can-Am rims, or Kawasaki rims on your Honda Pioneer, with the right set of Honda Pioneer rim adapters from Everything Honda Offroad, anything is possible!

Whether you’re wanting to clear 30” aftermarket tires, or looking to bring some stability back to your machine after installing a top-heavy bracket lift, you’ll find exactly what you need with regards Honda Pioneer wheel spacers and Honda Pioneer wheel adapters here at Everything Honda Offroad! And when it comes to mitigating body roll after removing sway bars or dialing down suspension preloads, few aftermarket accessories are as effective as Honda Pioneer wheel spacers. As far as wheelbase width, similar results can be achieved with offset rims of a specific backspacing. But why buy new rims when you can gain the same benefits with a Honda Pioneer wheel spacer kit? And although there are riders out there who are under the impression that wheel spacers put unnecessary strain on the wheel bearings, Honda Pioneer wheel bearings are relatively cheap and easy to replace. Plus, UTV wheel bearings will still go bad even without wheel spacers. So don’t let rumors and wives tales deter you from realizing a stable and dependable ride and equip your rig with some Honda Pioneer wheel spacers today!

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