Want some Honda Pioneer 500 14 inch wheels; or how about some Honda Pioneer 1000 15 inch wheels? Whether your stock Honda Pioneer wheels got damaged on the trail, or you simply wish to upgrade to a set of aftermarket Honda Pioneer wheels / rims that are bigger, stronger, and lighter than their factory counterparts, ask and you shall receive at Everything Honda Offroad.

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Few things can tie together the look of your Honda Pioneer more than a good set of wheels. The 12” wheels that come stock on the Honda Pioneer are good, but they’re not great. The Honda Pioneer’s OEM wheels are made from dense, heavy steel. While they may be plenty strong, these OEM wheels burden your Honda Pioneer with even more unnecessary weight. And as with most of the Honda Pioneer’s OEM components, they weren’t designed with looks in mind. This is why so many Honda Pioneer owners seek out aftermarket UTV rims and wheels for their Honda Pioneer. At Everything Honda Offroad, we have accrued a wide selection of some of the UTV industry’s best aftermarket Honda Pioneer wheels and wheel accessories. That’s why Honda Pioneer owners come to us when they’re ready to say goodbye to their heavy and plain-looking OEM wheels.

If you’re looking for a set of bigger Honda Pioneer wheels to accommodate bigger tires, trying to find a Honda Pioneer rim that won’t bend, or just wanting to adjust the offset of your Honda Pioneer wheels and tires, you’ve come to the right place. Everything Honda Offroad carries a variety of the best UTV wheels and rims to augment your Honda Pioneer, including wheels by Tusk, M30 Throttle Wheels by MSA, HD-3 wheels by STI Powersports, and ITP Hurricane. We have 12” wheels that are compatible with stock tires, as well as larger 14” wheels to permit the use of those bigger aftermarket tires you’ve been thinking about. We have chrome and silver rims for some added shine, gunmetal rims for a clean luster, and blacked-out rims for a darker look. Just note that the darker the wheels are, the more dust and dirt will show. Some people like rims with a spoke-looking design, while others prefer more geometric-looking wheels. Whatever look it is you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

You may be more concerned about your Honda Pioneer wheel’s performance than its looks. If that’s the case, we’ve got plenty of super strong yet lightweight rims and bead lock wheels that will outperform Honda Pioneer stock wheels on any terrain. Our Honda Pioneer bead lock wheels, such as those by Moose, feature a mechanical device that secures the bead of your tire to your wheel. This means that when your Honda Pioneer’s tire is fully inflated, the tire pressure pushes the bead of the tire against the inside of the wheel rim so that your tire stays on the wheel and the two rotate together. Honda Pioneer owners love bead lock wheels because they allow you to drive hard and fast off-road without worrying about busting your wheels.

Steel wheels, like the ones that come stock on the Honda Pioneer, are denser and heavier than aluminum wheels, and thus don’t jut out quite as much. Because aluminum wheels are thicker, you may need different nuts to attach them to your Honda Pioneer. With stock nuts, the whole nut goes down in the hole, making it so that you can’t get a socket on them. Because of this feature, longer nuts are imperative for installing aftermarket aluminum wheels to your Honda Pioneer. The bolt pattern on various Honda Pioneer rims and wheels might also differ. If the bolt pattern of your new wheels or rims doesn’t match your Honda Pioneer’s bolt pattern, you may need to order a wheel adapter to be sandwiched between your Honda Pioneer’s wheel and axle hub. The Honda Pioneer 700 and Honda Pioneer 1000, for example, have different bolt patterns, and so too do aftermarket rims that are made for other UTVs like Can-Ams. Some Can-Am wheels can work on the Honda Pioneer, but depending on the wheel, you might need to grind the alignment tabs off the back so the wheels sit flush on the hubs and drill out the wheel stud holes so that they fit a 12mm stud.

Whether you’re wanting a lower profile to fit in tight spaces, a taller ride height for more clearance on rugged trails, or stronger bead lock wheels that can take serious and repeated impacts, a new set of Honda Pioneer wheels and wheel accessories from Everything Honda Offroad is just what you need.

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