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With Honda Pioneer winches, wide-spool winches, and complete Honda Pioneer winch kits that include everything from a winch mount to a winch switch / remote, Everything Honda Offroad is your go-to place for 2,500 lb winches, 3,000 lb winches, 4,500 winches, and even 5,000 lb winches. Regardless if you need a Honda Pioneer 500 winch, a Honda Pioneer 700 winch, or a Honda Pioneer 1000 winch, we carry all the big-name winch brands at unbeatable prices here at Everything Honda Offroad.

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The Honda Pioneer 500 is roughly 1,100lbs, and if you add the weight of the rider and some aftermarket accessories, you’ll likely be pushing 1,500lbs. Now imagine getting that puppy — or the heavier 700cc or 1000cc Honda Pioneer — stuck in deep mud without a winch. Have fun with that. If you don’t want to avoid obstacles out of fear of getting stuck or want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can recover your machine no matter what happens, a Honda Pioneer winch is what you need. The Honda Pioneer 2,500lb winch will get you out of a jam whether you’re stuck, or dead stuck. A Honda Pioneer 3,500lb winch or Honda Pioneer 4,500lb winch is necessary for more pulling power. You can even get winches rated in the 5,000lb range. This might be overkill for some use cases, but it’s always better to have the extra power and not need it, than need the extra power, and not have it. Furthermore, the listed rating of a wench is calculated using a winch with an empty spool. As the cable winds in and the spool get bigger, the rating goes down. But even with lower-powered UTV winches, through the use of winch accessories such as snatch blocks and pulleys, you can nearly double the pulling power of your winch.

Be it a Warn 4,500lb winch, a Badlands 5,000lb winch, or the Black Ops series winch by SuperATV, at Everything Honda Offroad, our winch selection is unsurpassed. We have Champion winches and Viper winches, and all the Honda Pioneer winch mounts to stick them wherever you want. Honda Pioneer winch bumpers are a great way to mount a winch, but they aren’t the only option. Generally, the stronger the winch, the bigger it is. And a wide winch is going to need an equally wide mounting plate. Be it a Warn winch with a synthetic rope and cover to protect it from water and the sun, or a KFI winch that uses a 50-foot cable winch line for extended reach; if a quality winch is what you’re after, a quality winch is you’ll get here at Everything Honda Offroad.

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