There are few things worse than when Mother Nature turns the cab of your side-by-side into a toddler swimming pool. Yes, roofs, windshields, and rear wind screens can help, but without a full UTV cab enclosure on your Honda Pioneer, you won’t be fully protected from the ravaging elements. Cab systems for the Honda Pioneer will not only protect you from rain, but they also act as a radiant heat barrier to keep you warm on those cold winter rides. When it comes to cab enclosures for the Honda Pioneer, there are generally two variants, fabric-style cab enclosures and hard cab enclosures. Honda Pioneer soft cab enclosures are made from either heavy canvass or a tough polymer material, while Honda Pioneer hard cab enclosures are a mix of high-grade plastic resins, fiberglass, and metal substructures or panels. Companies like CEC Enclosures as well as a few others make both hard and soft enclosures for the Honda Pioneer lineup, including the Honda Pioneer 500, 700, and 1000. Full doors can make a huge difference, and wind screens as well as backdrops help against the elements as well. But if you want ultimate protection regardless of the weather conditions, you need the 360-degree coverage that full cab enclosures provide.

If you’ve ridden a fair amount, you’ve likely seen the guys out there on the trails and UTV parks with DIY cab enclosures made from things like shower curtains and contoured electrical conduit. But even the best home-made cab enclosures cannot rival the stuff made by Honda, let alone stand up to enclosures from aftermarket parts providers. For one, ensuring a proper seal is difficult to do, which might cause hot air to escape in the wintertime or water to leak in during spring. Further, if you make a sub-par enclosure, or even install a legitimate one incorrectly, exhaust fumes may be able to infiltrate the cockpit; now you’ve gotta extend the vent lines and seal up the cracks. As far as cab enclosures go — be they hard cabs or soft cabs — this is one accessory best left for the experts. So whether you have the Honda Pioneer Deluxe, the Pioneer 700-2, the Pioneer 1000-5 Limited, or any other style or edition of the Honda Pioneer, we’ve got a UTV cab enclosure for you.

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