For the best Honda Pioneer coolers, long-time riders know that Everything Honda Offroad is the place to go. Looking for a Yeti tundra 45 cooler or a cooler with similar dimensions to fit your spare tire rack/cooler mount? We’ve got it. Want something made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, such as Orca coolers? We offer these as well. We’ve got soft-sided UTV coolers for day trips and picnics and large, heavily-insulated coolers to keep things cold on multi-day trips, family camping excursions, or hunting expeditions. When temperatures rise, and your throat gets parched, there’s nothing better than sipping on a refreshing beverage pulled right out of your Honda Pioneer cooler. Whatever you need to keep cold, our coolers are up for the task.

Many Honda Pioneer riders hauling large side-by-side coolers like to lower the bed and use tie-downs to secure it on their machine. The tailgate will certainly hold the static weight of a fully-loaded cooler, but the repeated shock-load of bouncing bumps under a heavy cooler is enough to make any prudent rider worry. If you’re concerned about your tailgate sagging or bowing due to the weight of your cooler, bed extenders are a good option. Unlike having to strap your cooler down, if you have a bend extender or cooler rack with built-in cooler mounts, you’ll be able to open top-folding coolers without having to unstrap them. You can also put a medium-size cooler in the front passenger seat and seat belt it in if you’re solo riding. Not only does it keep your drinks within easy reach, but it also doubles as an armrest. Be it an Igloo cooler, an off-brand square cooler, or even tubular coolers that mount to your roll cage with enough room for a six-pack, whatever style of cooler you’re after, we’re sure to have it right here at Everything Honda Offroad.

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