UTV exhausts do more than create noise, and a good Honda Pioneer exhaust can make a big difference in terms of power, speed, and torque. Be it a stock replacement exhaust for the Honda Pioneer or something new and improved from an aftermarket parts provider, we do it all at Everything Honda Offroad. Full exhaust systems are popular, but accessories like slip-on exhausts and exhaust tips can bring many of the same benefits as a full exhaust, but at a lower price. And where exhaust repairs are concerned, we also carry the 1 1/2” to 1” exhaust couplings, gaskets, and clamps that are used to repair stock Honda Pioneer exhausts. Slide the 1” gasket into the muffler side, — welding along with the open little slots if you’re worried about exhaust leaks — then slide the 1 1/2” over the exhaust pipe and clamp it down with a muffler clamp, making sure not to not over tighten in case you have to remove the muffler for whatever reason. For repairing and replacing factory Honda Pioneer exhausts, there’s no better place than Everything Honda Offroad for all the required parts.

Some Honda Pioneer riders like to replace their factory exhaust tip with an aftermarket exhaust tip because it’s cheaper than getting an entirely new exhaust system. The Big Gun slip-on exhaust makes a noticeable difference in the sound and performance of your Honda Pioneer. The Big Gun and similar exhaust tips make a particular difference when going up steep hills. If you’ve ever struggled ascending a long, steep hill in your P4, getting to the top at a slow crawl is excruciating. With an aftermarket exhaust on your Pioneer, however, you’ll rock up that hill in no time, and might even need to put your rig in 4-wheel high. Most exhausts and exhaust tips for the Honda Pioneer also come with arrestor screens which stop sparks from escaping. If a pipe doesn’t have one, it could catch the woods on fire. In most UTV parks, you are required to have a spark arrestor. The stock pipe has a spark arrester, but arrestor screens are still good to have as an added safety measure on aftermarket pipes. Be it a HMF exhaust with a quiet core, a bolt-on Honda Pioneer exhaust, or a weld-on exhaust for those with the Honda Pioneer 500, we’ve got the best assortments of Honda Pioneer exhausts on the internet.

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