The Honda Pioneer should by no means be a clean machine. Even if you drive exclusively on paved roads, the occasional puddle or rain storm is sure to cause your Pioneer to fling mud and water around. But with a set of Honda Pioneer fenders, you can reign supreme over mud and prevent even the burliest of tires from throwing muck around. Riders frequently choose Honda Pioneer mud guards like Mudbusters and Bad Dawg’s ones for their strength and durability. Along with side mirrors, Honda Pioneer fender flares are notorious for brushing trees and scraping up against the ground on rough terrain. And for this reason, a quality set of Honda Pioneer front and rear fender flares go a long way. Sure, you could drill a few holes, buy some Honda push pins, and install some cut bailer belts that you got from tractor supply. But because they take so much abuse, your DIY Honda Pioneer mud guards likely won’t last more than a few rides, let alone a few riding seasons.

In addition to fender flares, Honda Pioneer fender extensions are beneficial for keeping mud out of the cab and away from the body of your Pioneer. And depending on your riding, you can also mix and mix different fenders to achieve your aims. For example, many riders like to run XL Mudbuster fenders in the rear of their machine and basic Honda fender flares for the front. Not only do fenders and Honda Pioneer protector flares help to mitigate mud, but they also protect your machine’s paint job, side panels, and any external accessories you may run. Especially for those who have aftermarket tires on their Pioneer that stick out further than stock, standard flares will work better than not having them, but extended fenders provide more coverage. You might have to take a little extra precaution when snaking through narrow trails, but the benefits of running Honda Pioneer fenders vastly outweigh the costs.

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