Many riders like to raise their Honda Pioneers for added ground clearance on bumpy trails. Others choose to lift their vehicles to make room for larger tires. But no matter what you’re looking to accomplish with a Honda Pioneer lift kit, we’ve got a variety of options for you to choose from. The 2.5-inch bracket lift by High Lifter, for instance, with arched and extended a-arms, is a popular choice. It allows you to run around 30” tires, and you can still use stock axles without having to worry about binding or breakage. However, the same can’t be said for all sizes of lifts, and SuperATV’s 6-inch lift is the perfect example. The lift kit itself performs great. But because it changes the geometry of the machine, it puts added stress, not the axles. If you’re running such a lift kit on your Honda Pioneer, you’d be wise to use Rhino 2.0 axles or their heavy-duty counterparts, lest you consistently break axles time and again.

Unlike bracket lifts, portal lifts will raise the ride height of your Honda Pioneer without changing the ride angle. For people wanting to run 30” tires and over, portals are a good solution. But even with 6” portals, you might still barely be able to turn the steering wheel without causing 35” tires to rub. For this, offset a-arms can help, and swapping out the tie rod portal brackets with a set of portal steering brackets can help as well. High clearance a-arms can provide room for larger tires, but they can only do so much. Where things like hauling and plowing are concerned, a lift will help you go through deep snow, and they can help when carrying heavy loads. The stock shocks really drop when you lift a heavy plow. It can make it harder to turn, and obviously, it lowers your ground clearance, so if you need to drive through some snow first before you get to where you need to plow, a lift kit could definitely help, but new shocks would help even more — long-travel adjustable shocks can keep your Honda Pioneer from dropping when under heavy loads or in high-force scenarios. Be it a lift from aftermarket shocks, a bracket lift, or a portal lift, here at Everything Honda Offroad, and you’ve got plenty of ways to lift your Honda Pioneer.

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