Let there be light! Whether it’s pod lights, reverse lights, or Honda Pioneer light bars, if you’re after better lighting solutions for your Pioneer, we’ve got answers. Everything Honda Offroad is the go-to destination for all of your Honda Pioneer lights, lighting, and light accessories. From replacement headlight bulbs to LED reverse lights that tie into the factory pigtail wiring harness, when it comes to UTV lighting, few places come close to the options provided at Everything Honda Offroad. The UTV-firm Tusk makes very nice side-by-side light bars. Their 30″ curved light bar is perfect for the 700 P2 and comes with all the required Honda Pioneer light bar wiring. You can install light bars in the cab, on the roof, or below the window with Honda Pioneer light bar mounts, and many riders put them in the gap of their bumper — setting them back so that they won’t break in the event of a collision.

In addition to the lights themselves, we also offer light-related components such as switches, multi-panel switch boxes, light brackets, and mounting plates. When you’re riding at night in your Honda Pioneer, there’s no such thing as too much lighting. Add some 7” circular lights with a straight light bar between them upfront and some spotlights attached to your safari cage on the sides. Throw in some aftermarket tail lights, and you’ll have 360-degree illumination wherever you go in your Honda Pioneer. And with plug-and-play lighting kits, you don’t have to be an electrician to add lighting to your machine. Whether you use your Pioneer to work or hunt at night, fish in the early morning, or party around the campfire during a weekend getaway, a good light setup can make all the difference between a good time in your Honda Pioneer and a great time in your Honda Pioneer.

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