Whether you’re trying to see behind you on the trail in your Honda Pioneer 700-2 or keep tabs on your children in the backseat of your Honda Pioneer 1000-5, it’s hard to beat the convenience that comes with UTV mirrors. The reflective portion of a Honda Pioneer mirror is important, but a quality mirror must also come with a reliable mounting mechanism. After all, although they serve the same function as automobile mirrors, UTV mirrors must be built to withstand excessive vibrations as well as repeated assaults by trees on narrow trails. Honda Pioneer rear view mirrors mount safely on the roll bar of the UTV, and don’t protrude like their side-mirror counterparts. But this isn’t to say that they are not subject to harsh conditions and rough forces. If you’re constantly having to readjust your rear-view mirror because it never stays put after big bumps or engine vibrations, you might be able to shim it to reduce movement. Alternatively, velcro can work to hold a shaky rear view mirror in place. The best solution, however, is to get a quality rear-view mirror from the start. Here at Everything Honda Offroad, we offer brands like Bad Dawg, Halo, and ATV Tek, whose rear-view mirrors use UTV-specific mounts with anti-vibration designs.

Like rear-view mirrors, Honda Pioneer side view mirrors must also be able to withstand bumps and vibrations. However side mirrors must be shock resistant as well if they are to last multiple riding seasons. Companies like Seizmik and Extreme Metal Products make great roll cage mounted mirrors and door mounted mirrors for the Honda Pioneer that are not only highly reflective, but also highly shockproof. You don’t want your mirrors dictating where you can and cannot ride. And if you want to ride thin, overgrown trails, it’s nice to have a folding and adjustable mirror that can take a few whacks every now and then. Adjustability is also important with regards to roll cage mounted mirrors due to the angle of the Honda Pioneer frame. If you can’t adjust the mirror, it might be pointing at the ground instead of behind your side-by-side. For Honda Pioneer side mirrors that are adjustable, you can typically calibrate them by taking the mirror off of the bracket and turning the Allen-head screw inside. Loosen the mirror completely and pull it apart to adjust. You might need help holding the mirror on the bracket to get it right, but what good is a mirror if it’s not pointing in the right direction?