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Finding the right roof for your Honda Pioneer doesn’t have to be a chore. Here at Everything Honda Offroad, our lineup of Honda Pioneer tops offers something for everyone. Whether you want something to keep the sun off your bald spot, the rain off your floorboards, or the heat inside your cab, we’ve got Honda Pioneer roofs and roof-related accessories to accomplish these and many more outdoor feats. For riders on a budget, a cheap, all-season UTV weatherproofing solution is the Honda Pioneer soft top. Although they’re not as tough as their hard-top counterparts, soft roofs are more than good enough to keep you warm in the winter, dry in the spring, and shaded in the summer. They’re generally made from things like canvas or heavy-duty plastic fibers, and can take numerous beatings on the trail without ripping or tearing. Even if you somehow manage to damage one, the cheap price-tag of Honda Pioneer soft roofs and Bimini-style roofs makes them easy on your wallet to replace.

Like soft roofs, Honda Pioneer hard top roofs aren’t without their downsides. Honda Pioneer metal roofs, for example, are notorious for being hot and reflecting sound — which, without other accessories to mitigate the effects, can make your cab warmer in the summer, and noisier year-round. Furthermore, if you don’t use rubber washers when installing them, aluminum and other metal roofs can be shaky and create a good deal of rattling. For this reason, many riders opt for Honda Pioneer hard roofs by companies like Tusk, Moose, and EPI, who conduct hundreds of hours of testing to ensure that their products are 100% satisfactory. When researching roofs for your Honda Pioneer, it is also prudent to consider if you’re going to run a windshield, light bars, or a sound system. Some roofs may not work with particular windshields, while you might need to drill into others to install lights or sound bars. For a fully integrated roof with a sound system and light bars, Pro Box roofs are the way to go. And if you want to run roof racks, you’re likely going to need either a Honda Pioneer metal roof or a strong poly roof. Regardless of what you’re after, be it a see-through roof, an OEM Honda roof, or an aftermarket roof with built-in speakers and dome lights, for the best Honda Pioneer roofs at unbeatable prices, there is no better place to shop than Everything Honda Offroad!

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