Full aluminum skid plates, plastic skid plates, and other types of Honda Pioneer under armor. To protect the underside of your UTV, there’s nothing better than a set of Honda Pioneer forward and rear skid plates. Especially for riders running stock components without a lift kit or larger tires, skid plates are important because lower ground clearance increases the likelihood that your machine will scrape or become high-centered. However, with some Honda Pioneer skid plates, you won’t have to second guess that technical route or backtrack because of jutting rocks, roots, and other hazards of the trail. Where Honda Pioneer skid plates are concerned, some are better than others. A good skid plate should be thick where the joints overlap, and incorporate proper drainage into its design. Without enough drain holes that are correctly spaced, poorly-designed skid plates will trap mud, water, and other debris. Not only is this a pain in the butt to clean, but if plant matter like sticks, leaves, and grass accumulate overtop the skid plates, you’re increasing the risk of an accidental UTV fire.

In addition to being strong and equipped with adequate drainage systems, a good Honda Pioneer skid plate should also protect the outside of your machine’s frame. Sure the plastic body panels and cowling on the lower edge of your side-by-side may not be as mechanically important as the driveshaft or oil pan, but protecting them with Honda Pioneer body armor is still worth it; if for no other reason than aesthetics. Companies like Trail Armor and Factory UTV are well known in the side-by-side world for making great protective gear such as skid plates and other abrasive-resistant accessories. Underbelly protection not only protects your Pioneer, but things like floorboard skid plates will also protect you from sticks and logs that try to puncture through the floorboards from below. Be it a heavy-duty front bumper skid plate or simply some hardware to repair your stock Honda Pioneer skids, no accessories can protect the underside of your UTV better than the skid plates and under armor from Everything Honda Offroad.

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