Whether you go in water or not, running a snorkel on your Honda Pioneer is well worth the money. Not only will you guard against mud, dust, and water infiltration, but your air filter will stay cleaner and last four times as long with a snorkel. If your Pioneer came with a factory snorkel, it still might leak, not seal correctly, or lack an airbox gasket. So if you’re looking for snorkel-related components or an entire Honda Pioneer snorkel kit, we’ve got everything you need to keep your UTV dry and mud-free. Extended vent lines are an important feature that will protect your machine, but your differentials, electrical components, and crankcase should also be snorkeled and protected against water. We’ve seen too many Pioneers get moisture in the motor by running through a little puddle, riding in the rain, or from washing too vigorously. The way water splashes up and the fan splashes it in the intake is hard to avoid no matter where you ride. And even if you ride in drought-stricken deserts, snorkels can combat dust just as well as water. The question is, would you rather spend a few bucks on a snorkel kit now, or a whole lot more in the future to rebuild your Honda Pioneer motor?

Sure you could attempt to fab up your own home-made snorkel with silicone calk and PVC pipe, but companies like Snorkel Your ATV (SYA) and Triangle ATV provide you with all you need to easily snorkel your Honda Pioneer. Their snorkels are super clean and symmetrical, looking like they came stock with the machine. And unlike the paper-thin factory plumbing —  which could be easily punctured, deformed, or disconnected by a stick or errant rock — aftermarket Honda Pioneer snorkel kits are tough as nails. The kit by Triangle ATV, for example, comes with a corrosion-resistant steel riser mounting plate and multi-layer, wire-reinforced, polyethylene snorkel house. A leaky snorkel is a useless snorkel. So do yourself a favor and get a quality snorkel kit for your Honda Pioneer today, and save yourself from costly repairs tomorrow.