On any side-by-side, tires are all about compromise, and Honda Pioneer owners are lucky to have as many styles, tread patterns, and sizes available to them as they do. Some might say that on most trials and in most conditions, driving skill makes a bigger difference than the actual tire size or pattern. But you shouldn’t disregard the influence that UTV tires have on the performance of your Pioneer. It’s difficult to find a tire that will perform great in all areas. For example, UTV paddle tires and UTV sand tires are hands down superior in sand and mud, but they can never compete with the performance of Honda Pioneer street tires on black top or pavement — nor should they. But whether you ride wooded areas with topsoil, leaves, and roots, rocky areas with ledges and bluffs, or trail systems with unavoidable wet clay areas and deep mud holes, we’ve got specialized as well as all-terrain tries to keep you in the action. Zillas, Mayhems, EVOs, and Roctanes, you name it, we’ve got it. For the best Honda Pioneer wheels and tires, there’s no place better than Everything Honda Offroad.

Bighorn tires are popular, with superior ride quality and excellent grip on most surfaces. Where they are lacking, however, is in the durability department. Even running at factory recommended pressures and driving as careful as possible with regards to tire placement, you still might manage to pinch or cut a sidewall. Upgrading to 8-ply tires can help for this, and a relatively light-weight 8-ply setup is the Blackwater tire by ITP. Blackwaters are marketed as an all-terrain tire, and many riders liked the open tread design that spits mud out instead of sticking to it. Although they’re heavier than other tires, they are among the lightest options in the 8-ply arena. But if you encounter a lot of loose mud, a slightly tighter tread pattern like the ones on Maxxis Carnivores might suit your needs better. Tighter tire treads also perform better on slippery wet rocks, helping riders to keep from spinning out and losing forward momentum on steep climbs or descents. Be it ITP’s BajaCross radial tires, Interforce tires by Interco Tire, or Tusk’s Terrabite tires, the best Honda Pioneer tires for any environment can be found right here at Everything Honda Offroad.

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