Installing a Honda Pioneer blinker kit on your machine has never been easier! With the plug-and-play turn signals from Everything Honda Offroad, you’ll be one step closer to making your Pioneer street legal. And even if you live in a place like Massachusetts, with strict rules vis-a-vis on-road side-by-sides, Honda Pioneer turn signals can still prove useful. Unlike some signals and Honda Pioneer street legal kits, the ones you’ll find here clean-looking and unobtrusive. They come with everything you need for an easy install, including connectors, mounts, switches, and signal levers. Offering Honda Pioneer signal kits from companies such as XTC Power Products, Turn Pro, and EZ Turn Signals Kits, you’re sure to find a signal accessory to meet your needs here at Everything Honda Offroad. Sure, you could piece together the flasher lights, wiring, and other components needed to make a turn signal. But not only are pre-wired Honda Pioneer turn signal kits easier to install, but they’re also cheaper than DIY blinker setups. Every kit installs a bit differently, but you don’t have to remove anything to set them up. If you can fish wires and follow instructions, you can install a signal kit in your Pioneer. It’s no more difficult than wiring up a stereo.

Some kits come with their own front and rear signal bulbs, while others use powered converters that make use of the Pioneer’s stock rear lamps — which are much more visible in foggy and low-visibility settings. However, if you have the LE 1000-5 edition, you might have to move the lights. Many signal kits come with a horn as well. This is handy for those looking to license the Pioneer for on-road use, as many states and counties require both turn signals and a horn. Regardless of whether you’re using them as a formality to gain access to public roads, or as a way to indicate your route intentions when you’re leading a UTV convoy, the blinkers and turn signal kits at Everything Honda Offroad won’t fall short!

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