The Honda Pioneer is noticed every time it hits the road! After all, it is truly a bad ass piece of machinery! But the amazing thing is the Honda Pioneer can stand out even more with a UTV whip light and flag pole set from Everything Honda OffRoad! Yes, it is possible! Ask around for the best whip lights for the Honda Pioneer and you’ll get dozens of different answers. But Gorilla Whips, Millar Twisted extremes, and Buggy whips are three great ones to name a few. But whether you’re running R1 Industries whip lights or Pioneer whip lights by 5150 Whips, we here at Everything Honda Pioneer would suggest adding a chase bar or chase lights as they last longer. Many of the whip lights out there, regardless of brand or length, will end up breaking or failing in a short period of time. Especially if you ride your machine hard with the whip lights still attached, you’re basically begging them to break. But if you’re out at night, going to an event, or just cruising lightly around town, whip lights are sure to draw attention like a moth to a flame.

In a similar vein to whip lights, UTV flags are also popular. Use them during rallies to represent your crew or throw on the flag of your alma mater to support your local sporting teams. With the flags, flag poles, and flag mounts here at Everything Honda OffRoad, flying a flag on a Pioneer has never been easier. Simply get the standard flag holder, some 1/4 bolts, and boom, you’re good to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Oklahoma fan throwing up a Sooners flag, a proud patriot flying the stars and stripes, or anything in between. Be it safety flags or flags of passion, we’ve got the mounts, poles, and other flag necessities to let you easily and effectively fly the flag of your choosing.

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