Having a powerful and reliable winch is one thing, and properly mounting it on your machine with a Honda Pioneer winch plate is another. But even with a quality winch and winch mount, without the appropriate winch accessories, the ability and performance scope of your UTV winch will be highly limited. Whether you use a KFI Honda Pioneer winch for plowing, or installed a Badlands winch so you’re always prepared when you ride alone, your winch setup isn’t complete without the right winch accessories and recovery gear. For those who use winch-driven UTV plows, we’d advise against using synthetic rope, as they tend to wear out quickly when used in such applications. However, with winch accessories such as special plow fair leads and larger lower rollers, you can cut down wear on synthetic winch lines when plowing. For recovery situations, winch gloves can be worn to prevent fraying strands of sharp metal on cable-style winch lines from cutting your hands, and things like pulleys and snatch blocks can be used to boost the strength of your winch.

A winch will do you little good if it isn’t attached to your machine correctly, and many riders don’t trust the Honda Pioneer winch mounts that attach to the Pioneer’s thin-walled bumper tubing. Serious winch capabilities call for a serious Honda Pioneer winch bracket. And we’ve got just the brackets. Stick a winch on the front of your rig with a Honda Pioneer front winch mount, or attach it in the back using a rear receiver hitch. If you ride with a lot of Polaris owners, it’s always wise to bring along spare cables for your winch, extra shackles, some loop webbing, locking carabiners, and a couple 6,000lb tow straps. Winch line extensions are also useful because if you don’t pull the drum cable all the way out, you’ll have more pulling power. So keep yourself and your riding partners unstuck and on the trail with all the best winch accessories for the Honda Pioneer. When you’re riding in the great outdoors, you never know what might happen.