A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

From Honda Talon a-arms and Honda Talon a-arm guards to replacement a-arm parts like Honda Talon a-arm bushings and a-arm bearings, find everything you need for your Honda Talon 1000R or Honda Talon 1000X at Everything Honda Offroad. We offer Honda Talon forward a-arms, trailing arms, and Honda Talon arched a-arms for those who want to create space for larger tires, as well as high-strength Honda Talon a-arm guards and trailing arm guards for riders who demand unyielding protection!

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A-arms constitute a crucial component of your Honda Talon’s suspension system. A-arms act as the linchpin for your Honda Talon’s suspension system, holding everything else in place while allowing for the distribution of shock absorption through your UTV. That’s why any Honda Talon owner with even a basic understanding of the workings of their vehicle take A-arms so seriously. When Honda designed the Talon, they didn’t make the OEM A-arms as strong as they should have. This is why the market for Honda Talon A-arms and A-arm guards has become so large. Additionally, good luck accommodating modifications to your Honda Talon like a lift or big aftermarket tires without replacing your OEM A-arms. Whether you’re done relying on your Honda Talon’s brittle stock A-arms or getting ready for your Honda Talon’s next big modification, look no further than Everything Honda Offroad for all your Honda Talon A-arm and A-arm guard needs.

Whichever Honda Talon model you own, your setup isn’t truly complete without a set of good aftermarket Honda Talon A-arms and A-arm guards. Be they high clearance Honda Talon A-arms or Honda Talon forward A-arms, we offer the industry’s best A-arm upgrades to power you and your UTV forward. Aftermarket Honda Talon arched A-arms, like the ones by leading UTV parts providers SuperATV and Highlifter, are popular among Honda Talon owners who need a little extra clearance where they ride. High clearance A-arms give your Honda Talon a couple extra inches of lift without having to go through the trouble of installing a whole lift kit. When running high-clearance A-arms in your Honda Talon, however, it is important to take note that factory alloy wheels are a bit thicker than steel wheels and can sometimes rub against some aftermarket high clearance A-arms made for the Honda Talon. If you want to still run alloy wheels with high-clearance A-arms, you can either go with a wheel spacer to push the 12-inch alloys out or go with a 14-inch alloy wheel instead. Alternatively, you could move your front A-arm mounts forward, effectively giving you the benefits of front forward A-arms. Furthermore, you’ve got to be careful about companies advertising A-arms, but only providing top or lower A-arms. This is yet another reason why true Honda Talon owners come to us for all their UTV A-arm and A-arm guard needs.

For those that use their Honda Talon for tamer purposes, a need for stronger, heavy-duty A-arms may not exist. This is why we also offer a wide variety of stock replacement A-arms and A-arm accessories for the Honda Talon. Honda Talon A-arms are vulnerable to damage. Low lying, hard to see off-road obstacles like tree stumps, logs, and rocks are prime culprits for rendering your A-arms useless. Unfortunately, the Honda Talon’s stock A-arms weren’t built to last and can only take so much punishment before they bend or break. Combine your Honda Talon’s bent A-arm with the damage done while beating on it with a pry bar to get it back into shape, and it’s clear that it’s time for a factory replacement. Sure, you can try to straighten it up as best you can and ride it back to your garage or trailer, but once that metal fatigues, it’s time for a replacement.

You can also avoid having to replace your Honda Talon’s stock A-arms in the first place by installing A-arm guards. A-arm guards are an easy and affordable way to bolster the integrity of your Honda Talon’s suspension system without having to replace your stock A-arms altogether. Do your Honda Talon’s A-arms feel a little loose? Do you hear a rattling sound every time you hit a bump? It may be time for new A-arm bushings. Our A-arm bushing kits by SuperATV offer all the bushings you need for your Honda Talon’s A-arms in one easy order.

There’s a multitude of reasons why you should consider new A-arms for your Honda Talon. Whether you are looking for better performance on the trail, wanting to strengthen the integrity of your Honda Talon’s suspension system, or simply need a direct factory replacement, at Everything Honda Offroad we’ve got all the best A-arms and A-arm accessories your Honda Talon needs in one place.

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