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From Honda Talon air intake snorkels and Honda Talon air intake relocation kits to Honda Talon cold air intakes that allow your engine to fully breath, get both replacement Honda Talon air intakes and aftermarket Honda Talon air intakes from Everything Honda Offroad! We’ve got air intakes and air intake accessories for both the Honda Talon 1000r and Honda Talon 1000x, as well as replacement Honda Talon air filters and Honda Talon particle separators!

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Whether you’re wanting to prevent snow from getting into your Honda Talon air intakes during the dead of winter, or looking for a better way to keep dust out of your Honda Talon air intakes during those dry summer months, Everything Honda Offroad has you covered with the latest air intake accessories for both the Honda Talon X and the Honda Talon R. Honda did a great job during the engineering process for their Talon side-by-side with regards to the air intake manifolds. The three air filter bolts on the left side are caged in, making it so that you can’t accidentally drop one into the intake ports. That being said, there are still things you can add from the aftermarket to improve the performance of your UTV’s air intakes and air filters. 

Honda Talon particle separators, for example, can be installed to ensure that nothing but pure air makes its way into your Talon’s internals. The KWT particle separator is a good one that requires no electrical connections and produces no fan noises. Donaldson is another established company that makes quality UTV air intake accessories, and their Topspin Pre-Cleaner integrates seamlessly with the 3” Honda Talon air intake. Using centrifugal physics, Honda Talen particle separators spin the air before sending it through your air filter, trapping the dust, sand, and debris around the inner perimeter. It then sucks the clean air out with a vortex-style vacuum, leaving the particulates behind in the bottom container -- no filter element required, just some simple spinning action. Whatever’s in the air, be it ashes and saw dust or water and dirt, Honda Talon air intake accessories like particle separators will remove it all!

Similar to particle separators, Honda Talon air intake snorkel kits are also a popular add-on that will help to prevent moisture infiltration. Not only do snorkels and Honda Talon air intake relocation kits allow you to navigate water hazards without a single stutter or hiccup, but snorkeled air intakes -- along with snorkeled exhausts -- will also prevent rainwater, puddle water, and river water from making its way inside your machine. Although there are things you can do to dry out your air box, spark plugs, and drain plugs if water floods in, it’s much easier to prevent water from getting inside in the first place. But whether you’d like to reroute your Honda Talon air intakes to suck in air from above the roof, or add things like pre-filters, aftermarket filters, catch cans, and outerwears to your Honda Talon air intakes, we can help you with whatever you choose at Everything Honda Offroad!

Speaking of Honda Talon air filters, not all UTV air filters are made the same. Some air filters for the Honda Talon allow small-sized particles through, while others are reusable, and can be blown out or washed, and then reinstalled for further use. Be it paper Honda Talon air filters or foam Honda Talon air filters, we offer them all at Everything Honda Offroad. Looking for some Honda Talon R2C air filters? Or how about some Honda Talon Uni air filters? Don’t be forced to rebuild your motor due to scoured cylinders and worn out valves / gaskets and make sure nothing but pure air can make its way inside! Even with a top-of-the-line air filter, however, if the air box seal is damaged or there are small gaps in your Honda Talon air intake, debris can still make its way inside. So if you suspect that this is the case with your machine, we’ve got the aftermarket Honda Talon air intake parts and kits to rectify the situation!

On top of the amazing air filters and air intake accessories we offer for the base-model Honda Talon, we also sell a number of air intake products for turbocharged Honda Talons. Things like water-to-air intercoolers are perfect for decreasing air intake temperatures, and large Donaldson air filters provide maximum filtration for the most extreme environments around. With the right air intake amendments, you’ll be able to wipe down the rubber intakes into the throttle bodies with a white cloth and have it come out looking absolutely pristine. No matter if you’re after efficiency, reliability, or consistency, you can’t go wrong with the Honda Talon air intake parts, kits, and accessories from Everything Honda Offroad!

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