Stay safe and maintain the ability to stop on a dime with the Honda Talon brake pads, Honda Talon brake rotors, and other Honda Talon brake upgrades from Everything Honda Offroad. No matter if you’re experiencing Honda Talon brake problems and need fresh Honda Talon brake fluid flowing through your Honda Talon brake lines, or if you ride mud and want some Honda Talon brass brake pads that’ll outperform the Honda Talon stock brake pads, we can hook you up with everything from simple brake parts to complete Honda Talon parking brakes here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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If you’re looking for replacement brake pads for the Honda Talon, Honda Talon brake shoes, Honda Talon brake lights, or anything else brake related for the Honda Talon R / Honda Talon X, we’ve got the Honda Talon brake parts for you at Everything Honda Offroad. The smart braking system in the Honda Talon senses when you’re braking hard, and applies more braking power to the rear tires to help the side-by-side level out and remain flat as you corner. While this is an innovative feature, many have raised concerns that it might cause the brakes -- and brake pads in particular -- to wear out quicker. Whether this is true or not, we’ve got you covered in the Honda Talon brake pad department. 

We have standard stock-style Honda Talon brake pad replacements that are cheap and simple, sintered Honda Talon metal brake pads from companies like Race Driven for high-speed and sustained downhill stopping, and brass Honda Talon brake pads by companies like Wild Boar for mud, water, and high-moisture applications. No matter what type of riding you do, be it in over silty terrain or beach-like dunes that act identically to sandpaper over your brakes, we’ve got the right brake pads for you. And we don’t stop there. For Honda Talon brake caliper replacements, Honda Talon brake shoes, and even Honda Talon brake lights, Everything Honda Offroad is the place to shop!

To save your machine’s transmission from damage when going from park to drive -- or from park to reverse -- on an incline, Honda Talon parking brakes are the perfect accessory to make use of. Companies like Hillbilly Brake make quality parking brakes for the Honda Talon that are simple, easy to use, and can work in either the Honda Talon R or the Honda Talon X. Be it new solid brake discs, Honda Talon front brake replacements, or Honda Talon rear brake replacements, you know where to go for all your braking needs. Unlike other side-by-side parts providers, Everything Honda Offroad has a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This is why our customers keep coming back time and time again. Have a bad Honda Talon brake sensor? We’ve got a replacement. Want brake pads that are better suited for the areas where you ride? We can sort you out. 

Honda Talon brake lines are also a commonly-discussed issue between our customers and our staff. Riders with portal gear lifts usually require Honda Talon brake line extensions, while those who have conducted brake work often need additional Honda Talon brake fluid to top off the brake lines and rid them of any air bubbles. It should also be noted that the brakes on the Honda Talon are only applied to the front wheels when you’re using i4WD, with the rear being locked. So if you’re seeing rapid rates of wear in your front brake pads but not your rear, this is likely due to the reverse ABS braking of the Talon when it’s in i4WD. But regardless of whether it’s your brake lines, your brake rotors, or your parking brake, we’ve got a solution to all of your Honda Talon brake problems here at Everything Honda Offroad!

When it comes to Honda Talon brakes, having the best brake parts and components is important, but it’s not the only thing that must be thought through. Your driving style will affect the rate of wear on your brakes, and so too will bigger tires. Regarding the former, you drive with two feet and are constantly riding your left toe on the brake pedal, you’re going to see a rapid rate of wear. Additionally, if you don’t utilize engine braking and manually shift to lower gears when descending hills, you’re going to blow through brake pads much quicker. Sand riding also exacerbates brake degradation. The holes in the Honda Taon brake rotors pick up sand and dirt when riding and pass it over the pads when you’re not even applying the brakes. So if you’re a dune rider, specialized sand brake pads will be your saving grace! Whatever the case may be, however, for unmatched stopping power in the Honda Talon, Everything Honda Offroad has the brakes and brake-related accessories to bring it to fruition!

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