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Be it to block dust or to trap in heat, there are many benefits to be gained by running a Honda Talon cab enclosure kit. And regardless of whether you’re after a Honda Talon hard cab enclosure, a Honda Talon soft cab enclosure, or some constituent cab enclosure components for the Honda Talon like upper doors and rear windscreens, you can find both full and sub enclosure systems for any Honda Talon model here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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Honda Talons are some of the toughest UTVs on the planet. Their recreational prowess and utilitarian versatility make them all-around workhorses. Though the Talon lineup is as reliable and durable as they come, owners are often not as tough and dependable when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Your Honda Talon will keep trucking along without hesitation through rain, sleet, and snow, but that doesn’t mean they come ready-made to keep you protected and comfortable when Mother Nature unleashes her wrath. That’s why a Honda Talon cab enclosure is one of the most useful accessories you can get for your side-by-side if you want to enjoy comfortable all-season riding.

Roofs, windshields, and rear wind screens are all great for keeping the elements at bay. You’ll surely want some combination of those components if you hope to stay comfortable behind the steering wheel when challenging weathering conditions decide to test your grit. Without some kind of UTV cab enclosure on your Honda Talon, you won’t be fully protected, and you certainly won’t be comfortable. Of course, full cab enclosure systems do more than protect operators and passengers from precipitation and frigid winds. They also act as radiant heat barriers to lock in your body heat and keep you in the driver's seat when other recreationalists call it quits.

Many owners try to create their own DIY cab enclosures, but few of them pass the test when downpours start to come in sideways. Even the best homemade enclosures cannot rival genuine Honda products, let alone compete with dedicated aftermarket Honda Talon cab enclosures. Most notably, you will need an enclosure that has proper seals around the cab. Incomplete seals leak body heat, allow water ingress, and create a space for ice to start widening the gaps. Furthermore, even poorly installed aftermarket Honda Talon cab enclosures may allow exhaust fumes to infiltrate the cockpit, creating a significant health and safety hazard.

When it comes to cab enclosures for the Honda Talon, we have a few modular options that will allow you to piece them together in a way that best suits your local climate and riding preferences. The first option is a front and rear windshield combo from Extreme Metal Products. This Honda Talon hard cab kit is great for people who want improved protection from the elements but still like to enjoy an open-air experience. Both the front and rear windshields attach with rubber fast straps for quick installation and removal, and the slide vents eliminate wind buffeting for a more pleasant ride. Our second Honda Talon cab kit is a soft-sided window package from Moose. This soft cab kit makes use of your stock doors and roll cage while pairing well with the windshield combo kit from EMP. The Moose soft-sided window package uses automotive grade acrylic for a clear, protective view, and they incorporate double zippers for on-the-fly adjustments to regulate internal cab temperature and breathability. Lastly, we have a different soft-sided Honda Talon cab kit from Over Armour Offroad. Owners who desire increased protection from the elements without obstructing their forward view will appreciate this unique option that features both windows and a rear windshield in one convenient package. Again, this soft-sided cab enclosure uses flexible acrylic and multiple zippers for increased versatility for all-season riding.

No matter which type of Honda Talon cab enclosure you prefer, this is one accessory best left to expert manufacturers. The best way to determine which option is right for you is to assess your needs.

Both hard and soft enclosures work in all environments, but each one performs slightly better in a different climate. Hard enclosures tend to be best for owners who live in colder climates and plan on leaving the enclosure installed whereas soft enclosures are best for warm or temperate climates that require different levels of protection each day. Either way, both types of Honda Talon cab enclosures make use of the most advanced materials for proven performance and longevity, so you’ll be able to trust your equipment to keep you safe and comfortable when the weather sends other UTV owners packing. Whether you have a Honda Talon two-seater or four-seater model, Everything Honda Offroad has the aftermarket cab enclosure system and accessories you need to keep you on the trail!

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