Carrier Bearings

If you’re trying to find the best aftermarket Honda Talon carrier bearing to keep your driveshaft phased, aligned, and balanced, you’ve come to the right place! With both Honda Talon 1000r carrier bearings as well as Honda Talon 1000x carrier bearings, Everything Honda Offroad is the place to go for unbeatable prices on Honda Talon carrier bearings!

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Not all Honda Talon model years have carrier bearings. But for individuals looking into Honda Talon carrier bearings, Honda Talon carrier bearing rebuild kits, or Honda Talon center support bearings, Everything Honda Offroad is the place to shop! In addition to standard UTV carrier bearings for the Honda Talon and Honda Talon 4, the Honda Talon carrier bearing rebuild kits we sell like the ones by SuperATV can save you boatloads! These carrier bearing rebuild kits for the Honda Talon are self-aligning, which means your drive shafts will remain perfectly oriented, balanced, and in-phase. SATV carrier bearing rebuild kits are also greasable, and because of this, they’ll experience less friction, remain colder, and last much longer. No matter if you’re after a solid Honda Talon carrier bearing or a rubber-mounted OEM-style bearing, we’ll hook you up with the best Honda Talon carrier bearings around here at Everything Honda Offroad! 

The 2021 Honda Talon 1000R doesn’t use a carrier bearing per se, and neither does the Honda Talon 1000X. So instead of the carrier bearing being at fault for a squeaky or rattley drivetrain, the U-joints could be to blame. It’s not uncommon for the Honda Talon U-joint caps to come out or pop off, and the U-joint bearings commonly go bad as well. One option is to replace the entire drive shaft assembly. But with p338 U-joints for the Honda Talon as well as p838 U-joints for the Honda Talon that come with zerks on the caps, you won’t have to waste money on a complete prop shaft replacement! 

For the Honda Talon 1000X-4, carrier bearings and carrier bearing seal kits like the ones by All Balls Racing come with high acclaim and much praise from riders. All Balls Racing offers Honda Talon carrier bearings geared towards racers, and Honda Talon carrier bearings designed for rock crawlers, trail riders, and hill climbers. Unlike the carrier bearing seals on factory Honda Talon carrier bearings, the ones by All Balls Racing are guaranteed to keep water, dirt, and mud at bay. Plus, because of their durability, All Balls Racing carrier bearings are able to handle an immense amount of abuse day in and day out. Be it for racing at the track or romping through the woods around your backyard, if you want a high-quality carrier bearing that proves its worth time and time again, the ones by All Balls Racing won’t let you down! 

In some off-road vehicles, the drive shafts and prop shafts require carrier bearings to function properly. In others, carrier bearings are incorporated into the design of the axle. The primary job of a Honda Talon carrier bearing is to prevent vibrations in the drivetrain. In some cases, however, carrier bearings only reduce vibrations from driveshafts or axles that are bent, misaligned, or out of phase. In such instances, there is little a replacement Honda Talon carrier bearing will do. And instead, you’ll need to replace the shaft section of the part. If, on the other hand, you’re experiencing a whirring sound or rumble at mid to high speeds, your Honda Talon carrier bearing could be showing signs of wear. In this case, a replacement Honda Talon carrier bearing is absolutely the correct course of action! So if you’ve diagnosed the issue to find that your carrier bearing is bunk, rebuild it or replace it with a high-grade carrier bearing from Everything Honda Offroad! 

For a smooth ride, a calm ride, and a reliable ride, ensure that your Honda Talon carrier bearing is working as it should. If you’re rough on your rig, it might be prudent to order a carrier bearing for your UTV before your current one breaks or wears out. Although we almost always have everything we carry in stock at all times, the supply chain can be capricious at times, and thus cause items to be backordered. That being said, however, we’ve stockpiled a large number of Honda Talon 1000r carrier bearings, Honda Talon 1000x carrier bearings, and Honda Talon 4-door carrier bearings for a rainy day. So whatever you’re needing, be it a Honda Talon carrier bearing, a Honda Talon center support bearing, or any other kind of bearing for the Honda Talon, we’ve got what you need to prevent harmonic vibrations and keep everything in line. Don’t wait and order the required parts you’re after from Everything Honda Offroad now!