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If your Honda Talon clutch light is illuminated and you’re experiencing some Honda Talon clutch problems, Everything Honda Offroad can set you straight. Alternatively, if you’re after a Honda Talon clutch kit, clutching components for some Honda Talon clutch upgrades, or simply some solid advice about Honda Talon clutch adjustments for better performance, we can help thit that as well!

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Ask any YXZ owner and they’re sure to be jealous of the low range and reliable clutching system in the Honda Talon. And unlike Yamaha UTVs, the motors on Honda Talons don't blow up -- although they are known to smoke a little when you sink them in deep pools / mud pits. Add to this the fact that Honda Talon clutches don’t use belts that constantly explode, and you’ve got a system that is sure to get you where you’re trying to go. That being said, nothing in power-sports is infallible, and that includes the dual-clutch transmission (DCT) that Honda uses in the Honda Talon X and Honda Talon R. So if you need some replacement parts for your Honda Talon clutches or are looking for a complete Honda Talon clutch kit, we’ve got the stuff for you!

Here at Everything Honda Offroad, we not only have Honda Talon clutch assemblies and Honda Talon clutch gears, but also the various washers, bearings, radial balls, and o-rings required for a fully-functional Honda Talon clutch. Need a replacement Honda Talon clutch temperature indicator? We’ve got them. Want the right Honda Talon engine oil without friction modifiers, molybdenum-sulfur compounds, and other additives that will make the clutches in your side-by-side slip? We have those as well. No matter what you’re after vis-à-vis, Honda Talon clutches, Everything Honda Offroad has just the thing for you. Whether you're experiencing Honda Talon clutch problems that can be solved with a few Honda Talon clutch adjustments, or if you’d like to do a Honda Talon clutch relearn, the incredible team at Everything Honda Offroad can assist you with everything Honda Talon clutch related!

Are the clutches in your Honda Talon burning out? Did you hit a puddle and hydro-lock your motor? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to replacement clutches and clutch components for the Honda Talon, there’s no better place to shop than Everything Honda Offroad. Honda dealerships typically only sell Honda-branded accessories, while other third-party side-by-side parts peddlers will sell anything and everything they can make a quick buck on. Here at Everything Honda Offroad, however, we offer both stock-style Honda Talon clutch parts as well as clutch components and clutch accessories from trusted aftermarket parts providers to give you exactly what you need regardless of the brand!

While procuring and installing replacement Honda Talon clutch parts is often the appropriate course of action, some Honda Talon clutch issues can be corrected without Honda Talon clutch replacements. Clutch relearn procedures can be undertaken for better Honda Talon clutching, and the clutch light indicator on your dash cluster might illuminate if there are loose or corroded ground wires. Measuring the play at the end of the clutch plates is also something that is commonly done by many Honda Talon riders with clutch problems. There is supposed to be up-and-down play on the thick steel outer plate of the Honda Talon clutch, and this is how the clutch engages and disengages. If the clutch plate is too tight, it will lock up, and if it’s too loose, it will slip. As such, ensuring that you have the correct clearance and tightness is vital, and you can even buy pressure plates of varying thicknesses (between .003” and .008”) to correct up-and-down play.

In cases where Honda Talon clutch relearns and Honda Talon clutch adjustments cannot help you, new Honda Talon clutch kits are likely the solution. Alternatively, we also carry Honda Talon clutch baskets, Honda Talon clutch packs, and Honda Talon clutch seals / gaskets. And as a side note, when doing clutch work on your Honda Talon, it is prudent to drop the oil pan and clean out any clutch fibers that may have collected there (as well as in the pick-up screen). Furthermore, soaking your clutches in oil before putting them in or spreading them apart and pouring oil inside while rotating the clutch assembly is important for proper clutch functionality as well. Regardless if you stressed or damaged your clutches by running monster mud tires, or if you forgot to oil your sub-transmission to keep your wet clutches lubricated, if you’re Talon’s clutches are down and out, we’ve got myriad solutions to bring them back to life here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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