2 & 4 Person Systems

Using a two- or four-person communication system can greatly benefit your Honda Talon riding experience, no matter how you use your side-by-side vehicle. For 2-seater Talons, a 2-person comm system is ideal unless you've installed a rear bed seat. However, 4-seater Talons are able to accommodate more passengers, so a 4 person comm system is more suitable. In addition to intercom-based communication systems, off-road radios are also available for UTV-to-UTV linkage. Headsets and helmet speakers are also options, making for versatile communication systems that can be used year-round for various driving activities. For racers, a 2-person communication system is suitable for communication with coaches, but a 4 person system is better for including pit members and team mechanics. Everything Honda Offroad has complete 2 and 4 person communication system packages to get you started. Upgrade your communication system and enjoy your Honda Talon without sacrificing the social aspect of riding.

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