2 & 4 Person Systems

Whether you primarily ride near home, do single-day rides to particular destinations, or go on multi-day rides with your friends and family, there are many advantages to be had from using a two-person or four-person communication system in your Honda Talon. For riders with the two-seater Talon side-by-side, a 2 person comm system makes sense. And unless you’ve installed a rear bed seat, you likely won't need anything above a two-person system. The four-seat Talon, however, is a different story. With the potential for higher passenger capacity, if you own a Honda Talon 1000X-4, you might as well be equipped with a 4 person comm system to accommodate more people. And while intercom-based communication systems are great for in-cabin use, we also have Honda Talon 2 and 4 person systems that incorporate off-road radios for UTV-to-UTV linkage. Throw in the option to choose between headsets and helmet speakers, and you’ve got a versatile communication system that will prove useful year-round for varied driving activities. Racers, for example, might want a two-person communication system in their Honda Talon to correspond with their coach. But if they want to include their pit members and/or team mechanics, a 4 person communication system is more suitable.

For complete 2 and 4 person Honda Talon communication systems, Everything Honda Offroad has the best kits and packages. With everything you need to get started in one box, you’ll have your communication system installed and ready to use within hours. And if you want to add other channels to your system, many systems offer additional programming software and cables that you can add to expand your unit’s frequency range. No matter if your rig is a multipurpose bike for both sport and utility, or if you bought your Talon for one reason and one reason alone, get the most out of your rides without having to sacrifice the social side of riding.

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