Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

Find high-quality helmet speakers and earbuds for your Honda Talon at Everything Honda Offroad. Our products have an excellent frequency response, so you can enjoy both high treble notes and low bass lines without skipping a beat. Choose from custom-fit or semi-custom earbuds that are personalized to fit you perfectly. The Challenger-II earbuds by Rugged Radios use sound transducers found in hearing aids, providing higher audio quality than regular earbuds. We also offer affordable UTV earbuds and foam earbud replacements to extend the life of your current set. If you prefer over-ear audio gear, our helmet speakers are the best option. Some are Bluetooth enabled, while others are wired and plugged directly in via mono or stereo headphone jacks. Our top-selling Alpha-Audio helmet speakers by Rugged Radios have patented speakers and a durable polyurethane cable. Visit Everything Honda Offroad for quality products at discounted prices.

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