Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

For Honda Talon earbuds and helmet speakers that feel great and perform magnificently, Everything Honda Offroad is the place to shop. Not only do the helmet speakers and earbuds we offer emit gorgeous audio, but their frequency response is phenomenal, meaning they can hit those high treble notes as well as the low bass lines without missing a beat. Honda Talon race earbuds like the Challenger-II earbuds by Rugged Radios don’t even use standard speakers to achieve this output spectrum. Instead, they use sound transducers like the ones in hearing aids. These transducers work by changing electric signals into sound signals, which provides higher audio quality than regular earbuds. And where fitment is concerned, you can get custom-fit or semi-custom earbuds that are personalized for you exclusively. While many Honda riders like to spend more on higher-end earbuds, some couldn’t care less. So for those who don’t need anything fancy, we also offer cheap UTV earbuds as well as foam earbud replacements to extend the life of your current earbud set.

If you don’t like putting anything in your ears or simply prefer the feel of over-ear audio gear, helmet speakers' use is the best avenue to take. Some helmet speakers for the Honda Talon use Bluetooth to pair wirelessly with another device. Others are wired and plugged directly in via mono or stereo headphone jacks. The velcro-mounted Alpha-Audio helmet speakers by Rugged Radios are among our top sellers. The cable is polyurethane, which means it’s tough and won’t break like all your iPhone chargers. And the patented Alpha-Audio speakers pack a serious punch. Be it for music to pump you up, communications to stay connected, or even some fine audio books to learn while you’re behind the wheel; whatever you decide to go with for Honda Talon helmet speakers or earbuds, go with Everything Honda Offroad for quality products at huge discounts.

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