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Never get lost or miss a turn again with a GPS unit in your Honda Talon. Be it a Magellan TRX with an oversized display that fits perfectly in the center of the dashboard on the Honda Talon YXZ, or a tablet-based global positioning system that uses Backcountry navigator, Mapballs maps, or the MapMyDrive app, Everything Honda Offroad is the surefire destination for quality Honda Talon GPS setups. Glove-friendly GPS units are nice for cold environments, and various types of mounts are better suited for particular needs. Units like the Garmin 595LM can be used in any UTV, motorcycle, car, or ATV, and they come with cradles as well as suction cups to mount the GPS wherever you’d like in your Talon. Many Honda Talon owners go with gauge relocation kits, which open up the console and make room for a GPS unit. When installing a GPS in the Honda Talon, it is important to get a GPS kit with an appropriate wiring amount. Furthermore, the installation directions might tell you to flip switches and reroute the wiring to create more slack. If you don’t like that idea, however, you can open up the sheathing, extend the two wires (at the tee), put the sheathing back, and retain the original switch positions as well as the original cable routing — except for the portion that goes to the gauge cluster.

A good Honda Talon GPS should not only be able to load street maps, but trail maps as well. Systems like the 7” Garmin GPS come with a chip that can be loaded with any trail map of the destination where you ride. Although Garmin sells updated trail maps, there are many places to find them for free online. Chips from V.V. Mapping — a company based in Michigan — offers a variety of ORV trail maps of areas in America’s upper midwest. These maps are extremely accurate because V.V. Mapping actually drives each and every trail and records the data themselves. If you’re tired of getting disoriented on a complicated trail network, or if you like the fact that a GPS unit will give you an external speedometer, odometer, and clock that is more accurate than stock, whatever you’re looking for in a Honda Talon GPS, we’ve got the perfect one for you at Everything Honda Offroad.

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