From race fan headsets and hearing protection headsets to Honda Talon communication headsets in both wired and wireless formats, few places are as comprehensive as Everything Honda Offroad with their UTV headset offerings. We have fire and safety intercom headsets made from carbon fiber that are resilient and lightweight. We have industrial headsets like the ones used by heavy equipment operators with tight seals and noise-canceling functionality. Whatever type or style of headset you want, it can be found at Everything Honda Offroad. With linkable headsets like the H80 Double-Talk units by Rugged Radios, you can connect with your passengers or co-pilot headset-to-headset, ridding yourself of the need for an intercom to relay voice communications back and forth. For riders that don’t like to talk, we have listen-only headsets without microphones. For those who want dead silence when riding, earmuffs and hearing protectors can block unwanted noises and other forms of distracting audio. If you want a headset that fits well, sounds great, and does its job day in and day out effectively and without a hitch, shop Everything Honda Offroad and you won’t be disappointed.

Pay attention the next time you’re at the track, ATV park, or OHV trail, and you’ll notice that over-the-head headsets are common amongst Honda Talon owners. This type of UTV headset uses adjustable and padded headbands to fit any skull size comfortably. Most have volume control knobs, bass adjusters, and universal radio ports built right into the ear domes. Behind-the-head headsets incorporate similar features into their design. However, because they use dual straps that fasten both overtop and from behind, they are sturdier and better supported, allowing them to stay on during sharp turns, through rough whoops, and over bumpy terrain. Whether you’re trying to track down a pink youth-size headset for your daughter, or a cell-phone-ready UTV headset so you can conduct business calls on the trail, Everything Honda Offroad has the Honda Talon headsets for any objective.

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