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Tired of not being able to hear with a full-face helmet on? Looking for a better way to play music in your Honda Talon without having to spend big bucks on a UTV stereo setup? With a Honda Talon helmet kit, you can both listen to music and communicate with others as you ride. Be it for racing, working, or recreational driving, our helmet communication kits are great for any application. Racers often prefer helmet kits over things like earbuds because they work better in high-noise situations. When you’re cruising around the course or track and trying to listen to your crew chief, the last thing you need is inaudible gibberish streaming into your ears. For this reason, helmet kits with noise-canceling abilities are quite popular on the Honda Talon racing circuit. Recreational riders also love the benefits brought about by helmet kits. They can be paired with intercoms to communicate with other individuals in the cab, or connected to long-distance radios to make a rig-to-rig voice delivery system. Ditch that old headset you’ve been using and get quality audio and communications without having to sacrifice your personal safety with a helmet kit from Everything Honda Offroad!

Of particular note are the Honda Talon helmet kits by the off-road communications firm Rugged Radios. Using their patented Dura-Link Seal technology, the folks at Rugged Radios have come up with an ingenious design that protects the junction points between the helmet kit and the device into which it is plugged — be it an intercom, radio, or any other piece of communications equipment. Not only does this prevent those annoying squealing noises brought about by water from rain storms and river crossings, but it also insulates the connecter couplers, guards them against sand, dust, and grit. Together with adjustable microphones as well as crystal clear audio from helmet-mounted speakers, innovations like the Dura-Link Seal are what puts the helmet kits at Everything Honda Offroad far and above the competition.

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