Offroad Short Course

Your buggy will never be truly dialed-in until it’s equipped with a Honda Talon Offroad short course communication system. If you’re participating in an Off-Road short course competition, few accessories can match the bang for your buck provided by short course systems. However, not all short-course UTV communication systems are suited for off-road races. Loose-fitting accessories, improper mounting mechanisms, and comm components that can’t handle high Gs or variable movement are inferior at best, and completely unusable on the Offroad short course at worst. You need a communication system as rugged and versatile as you are. You need a Honda Talon Offroad short course system from Everything Honda Offroad. Forget about superchargers and forget about turbos. Next to the driver, the most important factor for winning races is a communication system.

If racing season is just around the corner, or if you’re not racing again until the season next year, any time is a good time to throw an Offroad short course communication kit in your Honda Talon. Sure it only takes a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with one of the simpler communication systems here at Everything Honda Offroad. Still, it’s always best to break in your accessories nice and gently -- especially if your rank is on the line. Ask any racer worth a darn, and they’ll tell you how important proper communication is during a race. From high-speed automotive NASCAR racing to drag and rally racing, competitions both short and long reward informed drivers. So if you’re tired of not taking gold or are looking to defend your position on the podium, it always pays to make sure that the Offroad short course system in your Honda Talon is up to date and working right. For new systems or replacement components for existing systems, Everything Honda Offroad has it all.

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