Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Be it an in-line push-to-talk unit that connects to your Honda Talon headset, or a replacement PTT for your UTV radio or intercom, Everything Honda Offroad has all the best momentary switches and push-to-transmit buttons for use in the Honda Talon. Things like push-to-talk plates are useful for holding PTT buttons adjacent to the steering wheel — thus keeping them mounted within easy reach and at a convenient location. However, there are many places in the Honda Talon where a push-to-talk button can be mounted. PTT dash mounts are a good middle ground for communication systems with a single PTT button, but multiple users. Mounting the PTT button in the center gives both the driver and the passenger riding shotgun easy access to it, so neither one has to overextend themselves or reach too far to press it. For those riding solo, there are a variety of PTT buttons that can integrate with your racing uniform or riding outfits, such as belt-mounted PTTs, PTTs with clips, and PTTs with velcro fastening straps. And if you’ve got a lot of other stuff going on and need to free up your hands to scroll through a GPS, look at course notes, or make other in-cab adjustments, the innovative foot pedal PTT by Rugged Radios lets you press and operate your push-to-talk unit with the sole of your foot.

Many riders like to swap in a coil-cord PTT to replace the straight-cord PTT that came with their system. Coil-cord PTT units are more flexible, and can be stretched out to further lengths without getting tangled up or knotted. This isn’t to say, however, that there is no place for straight-cord PTTs. With their rugged ABS housing, straight-cord PTT units are super strong, and still able to bend and flex from side to side. Whether you want a PTT device that plugs directly into your PCI, Rugged Radios, or Avcomm intercom, or just need an adaptor cable to use the PTT unit you already have, at Everything Honda Offroad, we’ve got the Honda Talon PTTs and PTT accessories to accomplish any goal. 

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