Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Everything Honda Offroad offers a wide range of push-to-talk (PTT) buttons and momentary switches for use in the Honda Talon. Whether you need an in-line PTT unit that connects to your Honda Talon headset, or a replacement PTT for your UTV radio or intercom, we have got you covered. You can choose from push-to-talk plates that can be mounted adjacent to the steering wheel or PTT dash mounts in the center, providing easy access to the driver and passenger. We also offer a variety of PTT buttons, such as belt-mounted PTTs and foot pedal PTTs, for those who need to free up their hands for other in-cab adjustments. Additionally, we have coil-cord and straight-cord PTT units that are compatible with PCI, Rugged Radios, or Avcomm intercoms. Whatever your PTT needs may be, Everything Honda Offroad has the accessories to accomplish any goal.

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