Race Air Pumper System

Nothing can compare to the fresh mountain air. But even the most pristine locations can still be dusty, windy, and replete with mosquitos as well as other insects. And for those who use the Honda Talon on the track or around the oval for close-quarters racing, you might be exposed to soot and other noxious exhaust fumes that likely contain carbon monoxide, benzene, and sulfur dioxide. Even if you race on mid-range outdoor tracks or participate in long-distance desert races, there are various reasons why installing a Honda Talon race air pumper system would be advantageous. For one, air pumper systems will keep you cool. Unlike full-face helmets, air pumper helmets will never cause your head to overheat. And because they can incorporate polarized or tinted visors, you won’t have to worry about sunlight reflecting off the desert sands or open snow fields.

Some air pumper systems for the Honda Talon can be controlled remotely, while others are operated using rocker switches mounted on the dash or elsewhere in the UTV. Your local dealer shouldn’t have any trouble installing a race air pumper system in your Talon, but they don’t take much time, effort, or special know-how to put in. If you have a standard toolset and a few hours to spare, you could set one up by yourself or with a buddy in half the time. If the dirt road to and from your property is dusty, if the stifling heat inside your full-face helmet makes it unwearable during the peak summer months, or fine dirt and sand particles keep hitting your face when you ride, an air pumper system is a great solution. Add benefits like air filtration for racing applications and visor optics for better vision on highly-reflective terrain, and the cost-benefit analysis will undoubtedly lean towards a fresh air pumper for your Honda Talon.

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