Here at Everything Honda Offroad, we have external receivers as well as replacement receiver units for the Honda Talon. Of particular note are our Honda Talon race receivers. Be it for the King of the Hammers, local club races, or long-distance rallies and marathon competitions, race receivers for the Honda Talon are a decisive factor that can either make or break a racer. Some races require riders to have communication receivers, but even if you participate in don’t, there are myriad benefits to running a race receiver in your Honda Talon. One benefit is that you can get real-time feedback from your teammates and coaches. If they know something that you do not, they can easily tell you via a race receiver. Another benefit to using a race receiver is that you can easily add things like radios and intercoms to have a full-blown, two-way communication system. Be it for receiving instructions from your racing team, or receiving official communications from race administrators, if you’re considering a race receiver for your Honda Talon, Everything Honda Offroad is the place to shop.

For those who use their Honda Talons for racing, race receivers are a no-brainer. However, side-by-side receivers and radio scanners can prove useful beyond the confines of the track. Audience members, for example, often use receivers to add another layer to their spectator experience. It’s one thing to watch a race from afar, but another thing entirely to be plugged into the audio waves of drivers, crew members, and commentators. With a spectator receiver, you can put yourself in the driver's seat without leaving the crowd. And regardless of whether you’re racing, watching a race, or ripping it up in the woods, programmable receivers can be set to your local radio stations so you can listen to music when you ride. Get quality audio and never miss a moment with a Honda Talon race receiver from Everything Honda Offroad.

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