Single Person Race Systems

Whether you compete in grueling long-distance rallies, or are more inclined to sprints around the off-road short course, do yourself a service and make sure your single person race communication system is up to date and working as it should. The last thing you want to experience during a race is a broken mechanical component that puts your Honda Talon out of commission. Although not as dire as a broken a-arm or shot engine, a malfunctioning communication system can be quite detrimental. No rider is an island, and behind every winning driver is a dedicated team of spotters, mechanics, and other crew personnel. Going into a race without a Honda Talon single-person race system is like running a marathon without shoes on. Sure it can be done, but you’re putting yourself at a severe disadvantage by doing so. When the competition is fierce and you need every last bit of edge you can muster, running a single-person race communication system in your Honda Talon can be the difference between taking first, and going home with nothing.

Any serious racer understands the importance of proper communication during a race. And with the complete single-person racing solutions at Everything Honda Offroad, you’re guaranteed to get a foolproof communication platform that won’t falter under the harshest of conditions. Using a powerful handheld or built-in radio units paired with things like earbuds or helmet speakers, technical rock routes or fast-paced whoops won’t even be enough to shake something loose. And on the crew side, your teammates, coaches, and pit members can choose between overhead, behind-the-head, or one-sided headsets, allowing them to either block out exogenous noises entirely, or remain open to the outside world while still maintaining a link to the driver. Whatever style of racing you do and regardless of the class, length, or duration, for quality single-person racing systems that deliver clear audio under punishing conditions, Everything Honda Offroad has the complete kits and communication accoutrements for any Honda Talon racer.

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