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Who needs a Honda Talon drive belt when you have a six-speed gear-to-gear transmission like the one in the Honda Talon 1000r and Honda Talon 1000x? With no Honda Talon drive belt to burn and no Honda Talon drive belt to replace, you can spend your time ripping it up on the trails, track, or dunes instead of constantly swapping out belts!

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One of the key distinctions between the Honda Talon and other UTVs is that they run a transmission without a drive belt. Unlike those “rubber band” bikes made by the likes of BRP and Polaris, the Honda Talon uses a DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission), which doesn’t use a belt. This is great for those who aren’t fans of belt driven systems, and with a Honda Talon, you won’t need to constantly replace your drive belt -- and at $150 a pop, this is a real money-saver. Some riders have brought up concerns about this type of system, stating that fixing wet clutches is much more difficult than fixing belt-driven machines when you’re on the trail and light on tools. But with the dependability that Honda is known for, this is an issue that will rarely manifest itself. You don’t need Honda Talon drive belt replacements if the Talon doesn’t use a drive belt, and you won’t have to deal with the awful noise that comes from the driveline and front differentials of belt-driven machines either. Instead, you’ll get an innovative way to deliver power more efficiently than belt-driven side-by-sides with comparable -- if not more -- horsepower and torque.

The main issue with UTVs that use a drive belt is the noise level. The XRC by Can-Am, for example, has a low cockpit, and places the drive belt right behind the driver’s head. Not only is this loud and annoying, but it also requires a good deal of maintenance. Ditch the old-school CVT system and live the no-belt life with a Honda Talon DCT! Not only will you not have to worry about a Honda Talon drive belt, but you’ll hardly have to use your brakes because the engine braking in the Honda Talon is phenomenal — and you don’t have to give it gas to get the Talon to initiate engine braking either. Without a drive belt, you have instant power on demand by downshifting, and of course no funky clutch to deal with. Put those drive-belt buggies to shame with a Honda Talon. And while you’re at it, get all the accessories you need here at Everything Honda Offroad!

Due to the lack of a Honda Talon drive belt, Honda UTVs like the Pioneer and Talon give you a completely different driving experience. The shifting of the DCT, instant throttle response, and interior of the Talon is totally unique. Test drive one and you’re sure to get hooked. If you like doing repairs, the Honda Talon is not the right machine for you. But if you want a bike that doesn’t suffer from a belt-related Achilles heel like other belt-driven UTVs, the Honda Talon is a great choice. Although every UTV out there is technically shaft-driven, the clutched direct drive Honda Talon has a dual clutch sequential transmission (DCT) and not a continuously variable transmission (CVT). CVT is a drive and driven clutch, while a DCT system like the ones in the Honda Talon have two sequential drive clutches. One grabs as soon as the other releases during shifts. One clutch runs on the first, third, and fifth gears, while the other runs on the second, fourth, and sixth gears.

Like the Honda Talon, UTVs like the Yamaha YXZ also utilize a sequential gear driven transmission. Both machines feature a wet clutch driven transmission, whereas all other vehicles use a belt-driven centrifugal clutch going to the transmission. With the DCT and an unbeatable ability to get power to the ground -- both crank HP and wheel HP -- the Honda Talon can hold its own against higher horsepower vehicles that rely on a belt to function. Why mess around with Honda Talon belts when you don’t even need them? Belt driven machines just don’t do it for some folks, while others have their own reasons why they prefer non-belted vehicles like the Honda Talon. Does the Honda Talon have a drive belt? No. And that is precisely why many riders chose it over the other UTV brands out there! All side-by-sides have drive shafts, but with a dual clutch transmission like the ones in the Honda Talon, you can smoothly power your prop shafts as you accelerate from gear to gear without having to worry about frying a belt, burning a belt, or greanading a belt!

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