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With all the best Honda Talon engine performance parts and Honda Talon engine mods, Everything Honda Offroad has what you need to get more out of your Honda Talon engine. We’ve got Honda Talon nitrous plate systems, Honda Talon engine air intake systems, and Honda Talon engine upgrade kits with aftermarket headers, valves, and cylinders!

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If you’re ready to take the engine performance of your Honda Talon 1000X, Honda Talon 1000R, or Honda Talon 4 seater to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Be it Honda Talon engine failures that plague you during rides, or excessive Honda Talon engine noise during high-intensity situations, we’ve got the performance-grade engine parts, engine components, engine add-ons, and engine kits for the job. And where Honda Talon engine mods and Honda Talon engine upgrades are concerned, we’ve got the parts, accessories, and assemblies that’ll deliver performance gains to the likes of which you’ve never imagined. Be it improved shifting profiles to match your Honda Talon engine upgrades, Honda Talon big bore kits, or aftermarket Honda Talon cylinder heads / Honda Talon head porting kits, Everything Honda Offroad has just the thing your Talon’s engine needs to attain increased horsepower, boosts in torque, improved acceleration, and overall engine performance gains.

An easy way to squeeze out every last drop of performance from your Honda Talon engine is to optimize its electronic programming. And for this, Honda Talon ECU tuners reign supreme. With a flashed, reflashed, or tuned electronic control unit, you can not only restore performance after installing oversized paddle tires, sand tires, and mud tires, but you can also set user-defined rev limits and speed limiters to unleash the beast. Further, the improved cooling fan engagement prescribed and controlled by performance Honda Talon ECU tuners will also ensure that your engine never melts, smokesp, warps, or overheats. They’re easy to use and even easier to install, so why do more than you have to for engine performance and get an ECU tuner from Everything Honda Offroad today!

Tuning is all fine and good for performance gains, but without the physical hardware to install, tweaking the parameters of the vehicle’s control unit can only affect so much change. To reach peak performance levels, more drastic upgrades and engine mods are required. Although the aftermarket engine support apparatus for the Honda Talon is less developed than those of the more established side-by-side brands, a number of options still exist for those who are hellbound on improving their Honda Talon engine performance. Honda Talon Turbos are one option, and they shouldn’t be overlooked for those with an insatiable need for power. But for riders that are interested in performance Honda Talon engine parts designed for naturally aspirated engines, upgraded pistons, rods, and cams are a reasonable place to start. The factory Honda Talon engine is stout enough to handle high cylinder pressures, but with a compression bump, a slip-on exhaust, and a tune alone, you can still hit 107 wheel horsepower without messing with the engine head or engine cams. 

If you’re interested in Honda Talon performance parts, CP-Carrillo makes Honda Talon engine pistons and Honda Talon engine rods, Crower makes Honda Talon camshafts and Honda Talon crankshafts, and Hess Motorsports makes a nice Honda Talon engine cam and engine head package. The Honda Talon engine is designed pretty well overall -- besides the stock Honda Talon pistons -- so it responds well to more power without making it unreliable. And whether it’s alterations to the factory Honda Talon air box for increased amounts of clean and cold engine air, or the addition of aftermarket Honda Talon exhaust headers, you’ll find all the performance Honda Talon engine parts you seek right here at Everything Honda Offroad! 

Without high-compression pistons and by using engine headwork / engine cams alone from a company like Hess Motorsports, you can easily gain 30+ wheel horsepower, run a sub-six-second zero to sixty, and dominate at the dragstrip. Throw on a full HMF performance exhaust, throttle body, and a Power Vision 3, and you’ll also get a smoother throttle response as well as additional boost! Like with everything in the powersports world, however, go overboard and things start to break. And when it comes to Honda Talon engines, bigger and badder is not always better. Go too aggressive with your Honda Talon engine mods and the transmission as well as the bottom end of your engine may not take the extreme HP increase. It’s tantamount to putting a V8 into a minivan. Sure it can be done, but it’s far cheaper and much easier just to buy something designed to perform with that much HP from the start! But if you’re committed to your Honda Talon for life and want safe Honda Talon engine mods to open it up, we’ve got the stuff for you at Everything Honda Offroad! Don’t lag behind at the race track and gain both power and strength without sacrificing dependability and longevity by choosing Everything Honda Offroad for all your Honda Talon engine performance parts, Honda Talon Engine performance kits, and Honda Talon engine performance replacements!

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