For added horsepower, better performance, and /or a throaty rumble that’s loud without being obnoxious, check out the Honda Talon exhaust mods, Honda Talon exhaust tips, and Honda Talon mufflers at Everything Honda Offroad. We sell easy-to-install Honda Talon slip-on exhausts, as well as full-blown Honda Talon exhaust systems with tuners from companies like HMF, Trinity, Gibson, Yoshimura, and more!

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Your Honda Talon’s exhaust note is one of the first things onlookers will notice when you pull up to the trailhead. Is your Talon gasping and wheezing for air. or is it exhaling a crisp, confident note that suggests fine-tuned performance? More than likely, you’ll want a few upgrades to elevate your UTV’s performance capabilities. A properly assembled Honda Talon exhaust system does more than just sound pleasing to the ear. It helps your engine breathe better, so your machine will be better prepared to claim its throne atop the mountain when other UTVs come up short. Your Honda Talon already has the potential needed to perform well if you just let it breathe properly. Luckily, Everything Honda Offroad has the Honda Talon exhaust attachments you need to get the results you desire.

A competent exhaust system doesn’t have to blow out your ear drums to perform well. In fact, many owners will appreciate a more subdued exhaust note. The Talon is a high end recreational UTV with a competitive edge, but many weekend warriors prefer to maintain a more subdued profile. If you’re looking for a simple Honda Talon exhaust silencer to tone down your exhaust notes, then look no further than the Aftermarket Assassins Slip-On Quiet Core Stealth Cap. This budget friendly accessory is a Honda Talon exhaust silencer that reduces your exhaust note by 5-7 decibels without reducing airflow or horsepower. This Honda Talon muffler upgrade bolts on in only a few seconds with a single bolt, so even the least mechanically inclined owners can complete the installation without fear of ruining their stock components. The simplicity of the Stealth Cap’s design means it will stand the test of time, and you’ll be less likely to make enemies on the trail with an obnoxious muffler.

However, the reality is most owners will want to maximize their machine’s performance with a model specific Honda Talon exhaust system. Fortunately, we have a wide assortment of options at varying price points to ensure you get what you need while staying within budget. Our least expensive option is a slip-on muffler from MBRP that offers a three-horsepower boost, livens the exhaust note, and eliminates post-installation re-tuning while coming in at under $500. The next few Honda Talon slip-on exhaust options include a noticeable leap in cost, but their performance reflects that price increase. The remaining slip-on exhaust systems from MBRP and Trinity Racing are twin muffler designs built from high-quality materials with optimal value in mind. All models deliver significant boosts in both torque and horsepower to maximize engine performance while utilizing top-of-the-line construction at an affordable price. Finally, owners who prefer to maximize performance at all costs can indulge in full exhaust systems from Trinity Racing and Big Gun Exhaust. Full systems from both manufacturers deliver massive performance gains and crowd-pleasing exhaust notes. Best of all, they still retail for $1000 or less.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full-time trail boss, you’ll need to make sure your UTV is compliant with federal, state, and local laws concerning spark arrestors. Most trail systems require a spark arrestor, and a simple spark arrestor is much cheaper than a fine. Your Honda Talon likely came with a simple wire screen straight from the factory, but those mesh screens are often flimsy and wear out with minimal use. If you’ve noticed your muffler’s stock spark arrestor is blown out, then you should consider installing a Force Turbos Universal Spark Arrestor. The Universal Spark Arrestor is a Honda Talon muffler upgrade you would be wise to install before the local ranger starts inspecting your UTV for compliance. Spark arrestors are an added safety measure that protects our lands for future use, and they won’t inhibit your engine’s air flow or performance. The Aftermarket Assassins Universal Spark Arrestor is a cheap way to guarantee we maintain our trails for future use, so there’s no excuse to not have one.

As we’ve shown you, has an assortment of Honda Talon exhaust accessories to help you fine tune your machine’s performance. Whether you’re a recreationalist cruising forest roads and two-tracks, a rancher wanting to soften your machine’s exhaust note around livestock, or a competitive racer hoping to squeeze out every last bit of performance, we have all the Honda Talon exhaust accessories you need. From user friendly exhaust attachments, to simple slip-on muffler upgrades, to universal safety features, Everything Honda Offroad has what you need. Look through our extensive catalog and let us help you build your perfect machine with high performance Honda Talon exhaust accessories!

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