Fender Flares and Protection

Keep your body panels fresh and your cabin free of mud with a set of Honda Talon fenders, Honda Talon fender flares, or Honda Talon fender liners from Everything Honda Offroad. If you need a complete Honda Talon fender kit, we’ve got you covered; or if you only want Honda Talon front fenders, Honda Talon rear fenders, or Honda Talon inner fenders, we can help you on that front as well!

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Is there anything better than splashing through mud in your Honda Talon? For many riders, tearing up messy off-road trails is the pinnacle of owning their Honda Talon and one of the main reasons they bought it in the first place. It’s all fun and games while you’re out on the trails, but when you get home you realize you need to clean up the mess you made on your Honda Talon. More time cleaning your Honda Talon means less time riding. This is why so many Honda Talon owners make the wise decision to install fender flares. Honda Talon fender flares are a no brainer if you’re looking to keep mud off your Honda Talon’s exterior and minimize clean up time after your off-road adventures.

Under any riding scenario and over any type of off-road terrain, aftermarket Honda Talon fender flares provide huge benefits. With Honda Talon fender extensions, there will be significantly less splash from your tires, and you’ll end your ride with your Honda Talon being almost as clean as it was when you went out. Whether it is mud, water, or wet clay, having mess caked on your Honda Talon will corrode and fade your exterior over time. Honda Talon fender flares are an easy way to preserve and maintain the look of your vehicle for years to come.

Not only will Honda Talon fenders and fender flares keep your machine looking mean and clean, but they will also help to keep you and your passengers much cleaner in the cab. Juxtapose two Honda Talons after running the exact same trail (one with and one without Honda Talon fender flares) and you’ll clearly see the effectiveness of Honda Talon front and rear fender flares. The inside and outside portions of the Honda Talon without fenders will be caked with mud, and the driver and passengers won’t be much cleaner! Conversely, the Honda Talon with fender flares will be surprisingly mud free and the driver and passengers won’t have to go through the trouble of scrubbing down themselves and the Honda Talon. Ask yourself, would you rather have the Honda Talon with fender flares or without fender flares?

Due to such high demand, there are several players in the Honda Talon fender business. While it is hard to narrow them down, the top three in our opinion are Mudbusters, Bad Dawg, and Spike. And while none of these companies make any molded over fender flares like the ones common on RZRs, they do make Honda Talon Fender extensions and Honda Talon mud guards that are super easy to put on. Simply drill a few holes and install the plastic plugs and you’re good to go; it shouldn’t take you any more than 15 minutes per side. Do you want to get all the fender flares and components you need to easily install them onto your Honda Talon in one easy order? The Honda Talon Fender Flares by Spike Powersports is your best bet. This bundle offers you a set of four fender flares that fit the 2019 Honda Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X. These stylish black fender flares will not only do a superb job of keeping mud, clay, and water off your Honda Talon but will nicely complement the look of your Honda Talon as well. Don’t worry about breaking them as they are built with HMW haircell polyethylene.

While you might be able to cut cheap rubber floor mats or big-rig mud flaps and place them on your machine as makeshift Honda Talon fender flares, since you paid so much for the machine itself, why cheap out on the accessories? Be it inner rear fenders to close the gap between the tire and your butt, or Honda Talon front fender flare replacements to block the mud thrown by your aggressive aftermarket tires, Everything Honda Offroad has the UTV fenders, fender extensions, and other fender-related accessories such as mounting hardware and plastic fender rivets. Don’t stress out if you cracked your stock fenders, and don’t waste time searching far and wide for aftermarket Honda Talon fenders. Spend less time cleaning your machine and more time ripping with a set of Honda Talon fenders from Everything Honda Offroad.

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