Harnesses and Safety

Don’t wait for an accident to occur and keep yourself as well as your passengers out of harm's way with the Honda Talon harnesses and aftermarket Honda Talon safety features from Everything Honda Offroad. Be it a Honda Talon 4 point harness, a Honda Talon retractable harness, or a Honda Talon Dragonfire harness with an included Honda Talon harness bar, we here at Everything Honda Offroad have got you covered when it comes to Honda Talon harnesses and safety accessories!

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For safety and security without sacrificing comfort and convenience, running Honda Talon Harnesses from Everything Honda Offroad is the preferred approach taken by riders in the know. With Honda Talon 4 point harnesses, Honda Talon 5 point harnesses, and other styles of Honda Talon seat belts / safety accessories, you’re sure to find the right UTV harness setup for you and your passengers. Be it a UTV harness from Dragonfire Racing, a Honda Talon Pro Armor seat belt, or one of the many harness options from SuperATV and other aftermarket parts providers, you’re certain to find a functional and aesthetically pleasing harness for your Talon R or Talon X at Everything Honda Offroad.

Some riders swear by 5 point UTV seat belts; however, many Honda Talon owners who run 5 point harness admit to rarely, if ever, using the fifth anchor point. Safety is crucial no doubt, but if it comes at the expense of comfort, you might get negligent after a while and slip up. Therefore, things like retractable Honda Talon harness and adjustable Honda Talon harnesses can be installed to boost safety without chafing, rubbing, fitting incorrectly, or causing other forms of harm and discomfort. Even with a standard Honda Talon four point harness, accessories like shoulder strap pads and belt minders are useful for keeping everything properly positioned and snug as a bug in a rug!

Honda Talon harness bars are another important safety aspect that should be considered when installing UTV harnesses and Honda Talon safety accessories. While 4 point lap mounts and aftermarket Honda Talon harness bolts can work with some brands of Honda Talon harnesses, others — such as the 5.3 PRP belts — have belt mounting mechanisms that require riders to drill out the seat belt brackets in order to make the system work (which is not easy as the brackets are made from hardened steel). Fortunately, there is more than one way to skin a cat. And with the Honda Talon simpson harnesses, Honda Talon PRP harnesses, and Honda Talon DragonFire harnesses available at Everything Honda Offroad, you’ve got myriad ways to stay safe and harmfree no matter what goes down on the turf.

If you do decide to go with an aftermarket harness or UTV seat belt in your Honda Talon, you might also want an override connector or a Honda Talon seat belt bypass jumper unit. With a Honda Talon seat belt override, your machine’s ECU won’t think that you’re riding without buckling up, preventing chime warnings and the proverbial granny mode from initiating.There are many products out there to help you with this, as well as various DIY hacks you can do on the cheap at home. Some Honda Talon harnesses come with auto-buckle fastening systems (think car seat belt buckles), while others rely on a hook and latch mechanism. One thing to consider is the likelihood of a tip or rollover. If you end up on the side or lid of your rig, you can easily release a Honda Talon harness buckle that utilizes a hook latch. Regular car latches and auto-buckles, on the other hand, can bind up and refuse to unlatch when the weight of a full-grown human is hanging from them.

For those who are interested in Honda Talon seat belt buckle bypass plugs, companies like .50 Cal Racing and Gforce have them. Other solutions are also available for Honda Talon seat belt overrides. One is to cut the wires a few inches above the connector, solder them together, then apply a heat-shrink cover. This will allow you to either leave the jumper in, or reconnect it to the seat belt. If you’re struggling to find the Honda Talon seat belt bypass location, it is the female end of the seat belt on the right side of the vehicle. To find it, simply follow the wires off of the buckle on the drivers side and there will be a plug. Some riders say that 4 and 5 point Honda Talon harnesses are nowhere near as comfortable as a stock Honda Talon auto belt, and we say to them, “Have you ever tried one from Everything Honda Offroad?”. Not only are our Honda Talen harnesses ultra comfortable, they also tie you to the machine like nothing else. From 50 Caliber Racing harnesses to Aces Racing harnesses, if you want padded harnesses, youth harnesses, or any other Honda Talon harness style, Everything Honda Offroad is your one-stop-shop for anything harness related.

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