Heat Shields

Avoid melted plastics and overheating issues and install an individual Honda Talon heat shield, a Honda Talon heat deflector, or a complete Honda Talon heat shield kit from Everything Honda Offroad today! No matter if you’re after a Honda Talon exhaust heat shield, a Honda Talon firewall heat shield, or a Honda Talon bed heat shield, we’ve got all that and much more available exclusively at Everything Honda Offroad!

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Engineers must address many challenges in order to successfully design a UTV capable of performing well in extreme environments. One of the most difficult challenges is contending with extreme heat. High temperatures are one of the most common causes for engine failure. This is especially true when it comes to high-performance side-by-sides like the Honda Talon. Many owners tune their machines to run a lean fuel mixture for supreme performance, but a lean fuel mixture is not conducive to engine longevity. Although the phrase “lean is mean” proves true in many arenas, lean fuel mixtures are more likely to lead to overheating issues. If you are an owner who likes to redline the engine and eek out every last bit of performance at all times, then you will be well-served with upgraded parts and accessories that mitigate and shed heat buildup. Even owners who prefer to stick with the OEM setup often opt to at least upgrade the stock heat shield. Fortunately, Everything Honda Offroad is proud to be your leading source for all your aftermarket Honda Talon heat shield replacements and heat deflecting accessories.

Many stock UTVs come with plastic heat shields including the Honda Talon. Of course, nobody expects the plastic Honda Talon heat shield to last longer than a single riding season, so you’ll need to replace it fairly soon after purchasing your machine anyways. Even if you plan to make the OEM parts last as long as possible, there are still several downsides to running the stock equipment. The stock Honda Talon heat shields tend to be easily warped when forced to withstand excessive heat loads. Heat shields that repeatedly heat up and cool down, especially plastic variants, are more susceptible to cracking and long-term failure. At the very least, they often result in undue stress to neighboring components such as the heat shield brackets. You’ll know this is the case when you start hearing a rattling noise that terrifies you because you can’t locate it even though your machine seems to run perfectly well.

This is true - your machine is likely running just fine, but a failing Honda Talon heat shield does more than eventually lead to engine overheating. A heat shield that sustains a significant crack or change in shape is also likely to lead to discomfort in the cabin area. After all, they are called heat shields for a reason - they help shield the driver and passengers from excessive exposure to heat leaking in from the engine bay. Nothing ruins a fun day in the dunes more quickly than discomfort due to overheating, so it’s doubly beneficial to invest in accessories that help make your riding experience more enjoyable as well.

Everything Honda Offroad offers an assortment of OEM and aftermarket Honda Talon heat shield replacements. More specifically, we recommend investing in one of our premium metallic heat shields. Metal shields excel at both shielding and dissipating heat, and they tend to be supremely tough, meaning they’re an accessory you can replace once and never have to worry about again. Most owners will simply want an engine heat shield. Aftermarket engine heat shields have a wider and longer replacement accessory for the existing rubber flap underneath the hood. This modified design helps prevent heat from penetrating through the console area and encourages heat to flow out through the fender wells. Other options include our Honda Talon foot heat shields and seat heat shields. Products in these subcategories are specialized for deflecting heat where riders primarily make contact with the machine. Foot heat shields prevent heat from entering the cabin through the firewall and floorboards while seat heat shields reduce discomfort from heat radiating up through the seats.

Everything Honda Offroad takes performance seriously, but we also take our comfort seriously. It’s great to have a top-of-the-line machine, but what’s the fun in driving a machine that is uncomfortable due to excessive heat buildup? We understand most owners want to make use of their OEM equipment until it fails. After all, why fix what isn’t broken? Unfortunately, the stock Honda Talon heat shields are sufficient at best and a significant liability at their worst. When it comes time to replace your OEM heat shield with a premium aftermarket option, you can trust Everything Honda Offroad will have the product you need to keep you and your Honda Talon’s engine running cool and comfortable in the hottest environments. Check out our extensive product line and let us help you today!

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