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Stay warm and stay vigilant when riding, plowing snow, or hunting this winter with a Honda Talon heater kit, a Honda Talon seat heater, or a Honda Talon windshield defroster from Everything Kawasaki Offroad. In addition to offering Honda Talon 1000r heaters and Honda Talon 1000x heaters, we also provide riders with Honda Talon heater install instructions to make the setup process as easy as possible!

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Riding with gloves on, heavy winter clothes, and a full cab enclosure might be fine for some Honda Talon owners during winter. But for those that don’t want to wear their snowmobile suits when riding, installing a Honda Talon heater is an easy choice to make. There are a few ways to go about staying warm in your Honda Talon. Heated seat pads and so-called “bun warmers” like the ones by Tusk are popular, which heat the bottom section and back portion of stock or aftermarket Honda Talon seats. Other heating units like the Inferno Cab Heater are viable options as well. Able to crank out 18,000 BTUs of heat, these Honda Talon heaters fit both the 2-seat and 4-seat Talon models, and are completely hidden to maintain a clean OEM look. They come with everything needed for a smooth and easy install, making them the preferred Honda Talon heater kit amongst riders in harsh northern climates. Yes, the inside of a Honda Talon can get warm — if not downright hot — due to mechanical heat, but if outside temperatures dip below freezing, the use of a UTV heater can make or break a ride.

Not only are Honda Talon heaters a great creature comfort, but the ones that come with windshield defrosters will ensure that your visibility will never be obstructed by fog, ice, or frost. Here at Everything Honda Offroad, we have multi-speed UTV heaters and Honda Talon heater extension kits so the rear passengers won’t get cold. Controlled via customizable knobs or dash switches that fit stock dash ports, the Honda Talon Heaters from Everything Honda Offroad don’t require you to make cuts in your dash, drill holes in your Talon, or make any other significant modifications to your machine. Tell Jack Frost where to shove it this winter with a Honda Talon heater kit in your side-by-side!

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