Hitches and Frame Support

With everything from Honda Talon rear receiver hitches and Honda Talon front receiver hitches to Honda Talon rear bumpers with hitches built in, gain the ability to tow trailers and run hitch-mounted accessories with the Honda Talon hitches and frame supports from Everything Honda Offroad. Whether it’s a Honda Talon 4 hitch that you’re after, a Honda Talon 1000 hitch with a 2 inch receiver, or a 3-point hitch for specific UTV farming implements, we’re sure to carry what you require at Everything Honda Offroad!

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At first glance, it might look like the Honda Talon was built for all play and no work. But for those who can’t afford to just goof off all the time, there are easy modifications you can make to the Honda Talon to upgrade its utility. Installing a front hitch or rear hitch on your Honda Talon is a great way to do more with your machine. With a Honda Talon hitch, there’s no need for heavy, slow tractors on the farm or ranch anymore. The Honda Talon has enough strength and horsepower to make towing the heaviest loads easier than ever before.

Honda Talon hitches are good for more than just towing loads. Ever gotten your Honda Talon stuck in the mud? Putting a front or rear receiver hitch on your Honda Talon makes getting out of the stickiest situations not only possible, but easy. Whether you are towing or getting towed, having a receiver hitch on your Honda Talon can mean the difference between continuing the off-road fun and spending hours trying to get out of the mud. The Honda Talon 3-Way Multi-Purpose Bolt-On 2" Receiver Hitch by Kolpin Powersports is one of our most popular Honda Talon receiver hitches. This functional receiver hitch can be used for a variety of purposes, easily installs in minutes, and is built to last with a heavy-duty steel construction.

If you’re going to be towing with your Honda Talon by installing a hitch, you want to make sure the added stress of this doesn’t damage your vehicle over time. A Honda Talon frame support is the only way to avoid this. Upgrading your Honda Talon with a frame support gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Honda Talon’s frame is reinforced, making body damage and the expensive repairs that follow much less likely.

Whether it’s a rear Honda Talon bumper with a hitch receiver, Honda Talon frame supports for added strength when operating under heavy loads, or hitch-related UTV accessories for towing, hauling, and running hitch-mounted attachments, Everything Honda Offroad has top-quality hitches to use on the Honda Talon. We have rear Honda Talon trailer hitches with pintle mounting plates, standard side-by-side ball mount hitches, and Honda Talon 3-point hitches for farming accessories and other implements. If you need extra storage capacity and want to tow a trailer behind your Honda Talon, if you use your machine for ice fishing and want to pull your portable fishing hut on the lake during winter, or if you want a hitch-mounted winch that you can quickly and easily put on and take off, Everything Honda Offroad is the best place to shop for Honda Talon hitches. As far as size goes, you can choose between Honda Talon 2 inch receiver hitches, 1 1/4 inch hitches, and even 2 inch hitches for heavy duty applications. Be it the receiver hitch plate by SuperATV, a 2” receiver hitch by Dragonfire, or any of the other fine hitches that we offer, you can do it all with a quality Honda Talon hitch or Honda Talon hitch accessory from Everything Honda Offroad.

Other than towing, there are many reasons why Honda Talon owners like to run hitches on their machines. For street legal Honda Talons, hitch-mounted license plate holders allow riders to display their plates when they’re cruising around on public asphalt. Hitch-mounted spare tire carriers and cargo racks are also common UTV accessories to put on the Honda Talon. Unlike bed extenders and other capacity-increasing Honda Talon accessories that require extensive installs, hitch mount carriers and racks can be placed in seconds and taken off your Honda Talon just as easily when not needed. And while the rear of the Honda Talon is a logical place to put hitch receivers used to pull trailers and mount cargo racks, it’s not the only location on which you can install a UTV hitch. Honda Talon front receiver hitches are a practical way to mount things like UTV winches, front skid shields, and other accessories that need to be pushed rather than pulled. From hitch-compatible bumpers to Honda Talon hitch pin kits and hitch frame supports, Everything Honda Offroad has everything one might need related to hitches and hitch accessories for the Honda Talon.

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