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From Honda Talon portal lifts and Honda Talon big lifts to Honda Talon lift kits that include bracket lifts and suspension lifts, Everything Honda Offroad is where riders go for Honda Talon lift kits, Honda Talon lift kits, and lift kits for every other year, model, and edition of the Honda Talon lineup. Use a Honda Talon x lift kit to clear 32” aftermarket tires, or install a Honda Talon x4 live valve lift kit on your rig for extra ground clearance!

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There are a lot of good things that can be said about having a high vantage point, and they are all applicable to the world of UTVs. To achieve an improved vantage height in a UTV, most people choose to install some sort of lift. The Honda Talon comes ready to handle most gnarly trails, but there are many die-hard off-roaders who want to maximize their machine’s capabilities with a Honda Talon lift kit. A few of the most notable benefits to having a lift kit are lower likelihood of high-centering, improved capabilities in rutted terrain, and the ability to run oversized tires without rubbing on the fenders and wheel wells. There are multiple ways to increase your Talon’s ground clearance, and Everything Honda Offroad is proud to offer all the best Honda Talon lift kits and accessories.

One of the first Honda Talon lift kit accessories you’ll need is a jack. Most importantly, the jack needs to have a long enough range of motion to effectively lift a UTV with a raised floor board and long-range suspension off the ground. Otherwise, you’ll be out of luck if you need to swap a tire in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, we have a universal quick lift jack from Hornet Outdoors. Their durable jack is capable of lifting 2,000 lbs. to a height of 39”. This rugged, weatherproof jack can be operated with the included handle, a ratchet strap, or a cordless drill. When the task is done, the 18 lbs. jack stows away with a length of only 27”. This is the ideal off-road jack for folks who want to install a Honda Talon lift kit and make sure their UTV can be properly manipulated for trailside repairs.

One thing many owners don’t consider is how differently the machine will handle with a lift kit, especially at high speeds. When you install a Honda Talon lift kit, the high ground clearance also leads to a higher center of gravity. As a result, the UTV is more likely to tip over while turning at high speeds or oriented incorrectly on steep terrain. This is amplified due to Talons being four-wheel drive, so the front wheels are actively pulling the machine, leading to increased potential for rear end drift and tipping. One way to mediate those concerns is by installing a set of adjustable rear sway bar links from ModQuad Racing. Their sway bar links will help your UTV maintain the proper amount of rigidity at varying speeds to ensure a Honda Talon lift kit doesn’t lead to rear end traction and balance issues.

A cheap and easy way to increase the ride height of your machine is with a Honda Talon bracket lift. Companies like SuperATV and Highlifter make Honda Talon bracket lifts that range in size from two to six inches. Although bracket lifts do slightly alter the machine’s geometry, they only do so slightly without overextending the axles. However, you still need to be cognizant of turning too sharply without also having steering stops installed. Another good option is a Honda Talon portal lift. Portal lifts extend the vehicle’s height from the wheel hubs, which allows the machine to maintain the same stock geometry. Alternatively, suspension lifts are a great middle ground option, and they offer the added benefit of improved ride height. The primary drawback to Honda Talon portal lifts and suspension kits is their high costs. Nevertheless, owners get to choose from several different designs at various price points to meet their needs and fit their budgets.

Your Honda Talon comes straight from the factory as a highly capable off-road machine, but a few improvements can open it up to its fullest potential. Some form of a lift kit is often one of the first major changes you’ll need to make before proceeding with other upgrades. Regardless of the type of Honda Talon lift kit you want to install on your UTV, you can find the right one for you and your machine right here at Everything Honda Offroad. We carry all the best products from top brands like Hornet Outdoors, SuperATV, and ModQuad Racing. Whether you need a high lifter jack, sway bar links, or Honda Talon lift kit, we have everything you need to help you complete your machine’s progression from pedestrian UTV to premium trail weapon. Let’s get started today!

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