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From Honda Talon portal lifts and Honda Talon big lifts to Honda Talon lift kits that include bracket lifts and suspension lifts, Everything Honda Offroad is where riders go for Honda Talon lift kits, Honda Talon lift kits, and lift kits for every other year, model, and edition of the Honda Talon lineup. Use a Honda Talon x lift kit to clear 32” aftermarket tires, or install a Honda Talon x4 live valve lift kit on your rig for extra ground clearance!

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While it is possible to clear 35” tires on a stock, unlifted, Honda Talon R, many riders use lift kits to place the bottom of their bikes higher off the ground. High clearance a-arms can provide additional ground clearance in the Honda Talon, but things like bracket lifts, portal lifts, and suspension lifts are also viable options. If you’re tired of getting high centered, if you ride on rutted-out terrain, or if you just want to run oversized tires without having them rub on your fenders or wheel wells, a lifted Honda Talon will enable you to achieve your desired results. A cheap and easy way to increase a Honda Talon's ride height is with a bracket lift. Companies like SuperATV and Highlifter make Honda Talon bracket lifts that range in size from two to six inches. Although bracket lifts do slightly alter the machine’s geometry, they only do so slightly without overextending the axles' angle. You do, however, need to be cognizant of turning too sharply on a lifted Honda Talon without steering stops. If you raise the Talon with a bracket lift and don’t install steering stops, you run the risk of pulling the machine’s axles out of the differentials, or tearing the axle boots when you make sharp turns. Yes, your turning radius will be slightly worse with steering stops, but that is a sacrifice most riders will easily make to avoid axle and differential problems.

Bracket lifts are great, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat with regard to lifting a Honda Talon. Portal gear lifts, for example, extend the vehicle’s height from the wheel hubs, which maintains the stock geometry. Alternatively, suspension lifts can also give you more ride height in a Talon. Shock Therapy springs, for instance, will give you around 3-4 inches of lift when used in conjunction with 30” tires. The only caveat with these types of Honda Talon lift systems, however, is their cost. Compared to a basic bracket lift, portals and suspension lifts are quite expensive. But regardless of the type of lift you’re looking to install on your Honda Talon, you can find the right one for you and your machine here at Everything Honda Offroad.

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