Long Travel Kits

Turn your rig into an unstoppable force of nature with a Honda Talon long travel kit from Everything Honda Offroad! Be it a Honda Talon 1000x long travel kit or a long travel suspension setup with long travel axles and shocks for your 4-door Talon, you’ll become more capable, competent, and confident behind the wheel with a Honda Talon long travel kit from Everything Honda Offroad!

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If you’ve ever felt like the suspension system in your Honda Talon 1000x or Honda Talon 1000r has room for improvement, a Honda Talon long travel kit might be for you! There are numerous benefits that can be had through the use of a Honda Talon or Honda Talon 1000x-4 long travel kit, such as more ground clearance to crawl over obstacles without scraping your skid plates, a wider wheelbase for greater stability while cornering or when riding on uneven terrain, and more travel in the shocks for better absorption and adjustable rebound / compression. Whether you measure it in Joules or in Newtons per meter, work always equals force times distance. So by increasing the length of your shocks, you create more distance over which those brutal off-road forces can be dissipated / cushioned, thereby lessening the work needed to be done at any given point along the suspension’s stroke. Honda Talon 1000r and Honda Talon 1000x long travel kits aren’t critically necessary for every single rider in every possible domain, but they are perfect for those who like to go fast, those who like to crawl through rock gardens and up jagged geological shelfs, and those who want a butter-soft ride over ruts, bumps, and whoops! Regardless of the impetus that led you down the long travel path, we’ve got amazing Honda Talon long travel parts, long travel components, and complete long travel kits for any occasion here at Everything Honda Offroad!

Whether it’s a JSport Honda Talon long travel kit, a Raceco Honda Talon long travel kit, or an HCR Honda Talon long travel kit, Everything Honda Offroad carries it all! Need some upgraded long travel tie rod extensions? If you do, we can help with that! Or how about a long travel Honda Talon spring kit like the ones by Zbroz Racing? Yup, we’ve got long travel springs at Everything Honda Offroad as well! Some of our Honda Talon long travel kits include things like rear brake lines and RCV axle bars that reuse the factory CV joints, while others come with new rear trailing arms, replacement radius links, and upgrades a-arms. For those who are after Honda Talon long travel kits that reuse the factory ball joints and shocks, we have the perfect products for you. And for those seeking precision-made parts designed and manufactured in the USA, Everything Honda Offroad is the ultimate place to shop!  

The Honda Talon long travel kits by HCR Racing will make a night-and-day difference when rock crawling, and because they increase the machine’s overall width to 72”, the front travel to 17.7”, and the rear travel to 20”, they’ll turn a base-model Talon into an unstoppable force on the trails! You can run Honda Talon long travel kits on top of portals, or you can run Honda Talon long travel kits in conjunction with bracket lifts. Throw on some 32x10x15 tires with offset rims and you can even expand your rig’s wheelbase even further to 76”. You might not want to install a Honda Talon long travel kit if there are height limitations in play (such as enclosed toy haulers or low garage ceilings), but for dune riding, trail riding, and racing on the off-road short course, long travel kits are spectacular! 

The length of your shocks is one thing, but length is only one contributing factor to the suspension equation. Some situations call for softer suspension, while others require stiffer suspension. Thus, having long travel shocks with adjustable compression will allow you to make on-the-fly changes to optimize your ride’s performance under specific conditions. Similarly, the speed at which your shocks decompress – AKA rebound – is important to consider as well. When traversing washboards and chattery bumps, it’s helpful to have shocks with fast rebound settings so that the tires bounce back quickly and stay in contact with the ground. Conversely, if you want to smooth out your ride and reduce roll on the inside wheel, you might want a slower and more predictable rebound rate. And these are just a few of the advantages granted to riders by Honda Talon long travel kits!

Don’t be forced to turn around due to obstacles on the trail, and keep the missus happy with an ultra-plush ride that’s easy on the hips, spine, and lower back. The only drawback to long travel kits for the Honda Talon is their price. But when you shop at Everything Honda Offroad, you’ll not only benefit from the lowest prices around, but also hyper-fast shipping times and exceptionally-friendly customer service!