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If you need help calculating your Honda Talon oil change intervals, checking your Honda Talon oil, or figuring out your Honda Talon oil type, Everything Honda Offroad is here for you. Not only do we offer Honda Talon fluids for the transmission, brakes, radiator, and differentials, but we also offer complete Honda Talon oil change kits complete with Honda Talon oil filters, Honda Talon air filters, and Honda Talon pre filters!

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From complete Honda Talon oil change kits to Honda Talon filters and Honda Talon fluids, find everything you need to maintain and service your side-by-side at Everything Honda Offroad. By neglecting your fluids -- be it the Honda Talon brake fluid, the Honda Talon coolant fluid, or the Honda Talon transmission fluid -- you are reducing the longevity of your UTV. Not only can your Honda Talon oils and other fluids burn up over time, but your vehicle’s fluids can also get contaminated with both exogenous debris from the outside world, as well as endogenous particles from the engine, clutch, and transmission. So keep your rig lubed up and running right with the Honda Talon oils, Honda Talon fluids, and Honda Talon filters from Everything Honda Offroad! 

The Honda Talon oil change procedure and servicing schedule can be a little confusing, so it’s best to consult your owners manual for a complete and thorough walkthrough. Basically though, to complete a Honda Talon oil check, you have to let your UTV run for three minutes, then let it sit for three minutes. As such, getting the right oil level can be a bit of a game of back and forth. To do everything to spec via the manual, you can just measure out 6.2 quarts of oil. But make sure to not screw the Honda Talon oil cap down when checking the oil level. Instead, just drop the dipstick down until it sits on top of the threads, then let your bike run for five minutes and sit for 2-3 minutes thereafter. Take note, however, that this 6.2qt measurement does not include the sub transmission. The engine and the transmission in the Honda Talon share the same oil, which adds up to a lot of total surface area. Consequently, oil in the gears and everywhere else needs time to drain back down for proper oil level measurement. This is why you must let your Talon sit for a few minutes after having it run when checking or changing your Honda Talon oil. 

Different riders have their own personal opinions about the various Honda Talon oil types out there. But whether you use Honda-branded W10-40 oil, Gn4 10W-30 oil, AmsOil, or Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 synthetic motorcycle oil, make sure that the oil you put in your Honda Talon complies with the global JASO T903 standard for low-friction lubricants. On top of Honda Talon engine oil and Honda Talon sub trans oil, at Everything Honda Offroad, we also offer Honda Talon differential oil for both the front and rear diffs. And for riders with full windshields and a windshield wiper kit, keeping your Honda Talon windshield washing fluid reservoir full is crucial for clear visibility. From Honda Talon gear oil to complete Honda Talon oil change kits, find what you’re after and nothing less at Everything Honda Offroad. 

For those who adhere to the Honda Talon service schedule in the owner’s manual, two filter changes are typically required when you conduct your first Honda Talon oil change (a Honda Talon oil filter and a Honda Talon air filter). Regarding Honda Talon air filter replacements, there are multiple routes one might take. Many riders swear by Uni Filter Honda Talon air filters, while others recommend either sticking with a stock-style Honda Talon air filter or the RC2 cleanable Honda Talon air filter. Still others get rid of the factory air inlet altogether, and opt to snorkel the air intake to a higher position instead. Snorkel kits aside, using a Honda Talon pre-filter is the next best way to help prolong the life of your primary air filter as well as keep dust out of your engine. Some riders mistakenly mount their Honda Talon pre-filters on the inside of their intake boxes. But if you put your pre-filter on the outside, it’ll be easier to inspect / clean and won’t restrict the vehicle’s airflow as much. If you take the time to understand the physics of fluid dynamics, it becomes clear that any air filter and any distance of tubing will always cause a slight restriction to the intake throttle body… that is, unless there’s a positive airflow to it. And with air filtration devices like Honda Talon particle separators, you can ensure that your engine receives ample amounts of the cleanest air!

As a reference for those who do their own Honda Talon maintenance, here are the part numbers you’ll need for your first service after your Honda Talon has passed the break-in period: Honda Talon oil filter 15412-HP-A01, Honda Talon DCT oil filter 15412-MGS-D21, Honda Talon oil filter o-ring 91301-107-000 / 91302-PA9-003, Honda Talon washers (2 each) 94109-12000, 6.1 quarts of Honda Talon 10W30 oil. 08C35-A131M02, 17mm #1 oil plug 21 lbs., 12mm #2 oil plug 21 lbs., DCT oil filter 10mm 9 lbs., oil filter 10mm 9 lbs. Use a small funnel and pore slowly when filling your Honda Talon fluid reservoirs, and do not put your rig jack stands during maintenance!

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