Pet Accessory

Keep your canine companion by your side with a Honda Talon dog seat and dog harness, or let him / her ride caboose in the bed inside a Honda Talon dog box, dog kennel, or enclosed dog carrier. But whatever you plan to get into with your four-legged travel companion, enjoy the trip as much as the destination with the Honda Talon pet accessories from Everything Honda Offroad!

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Some animals love off-roading. Others… not so much. But with the right Honda Talon pet accessories, even the most timid of creatures will be cozy, comfortable, and congenial in the cab or bed of your Honda Talon. Although a small number of riders might choose to bring their cats and pet parakeets along while ripping it up in their side-by-sides, on average, no domesticated animal relishes back-country joy rides more than dogs. If your pooch is like most, you probably can’t go anywhere without him or her wanting to tag along. It probably jumps into the cab, sits, and waits patiently for another ride. At times, it might even be nearly impossible to coax it out of the vehicle. It’s not uncommon for dogs to be a bit nervous around UTVs at first (especially when you hit the throttle), and in this state of fear, they’ve been known to scratch things up and even leap from the cockpit like an inmate during a jailbreak. On the whole, however, dogs generally love the sights, smells, and sounds of the great outdoors, and they’ll often protest when you leave them behind. So if your dog thinks it owns your buggy and seems to enjoy riding even more than you do, let it live life to the fullest while keeping it safe and secure with the Honda Talon pet accessories from Everything Honda Offroad! 

Regardless if you plow with your pup in the passenger-side seat, or if you take him / her with you every time you go trail riding, one must-have doggy accessory for in-cab comfort is a Honda Talon dog seat. The type of UTV dog seat you’ll require is contingent on the size and disposition of your pooch. A person who rides with two huge Dobermans, for example, will require something different than one who rides with an individual Yorkie-Russell. You can remove the passenger handlebar pretty easily with a wrench, and this will give your dog a few extra inches. And instead of a specialized Honda Talon dog seat, you could opt to place a simple 5-gallon bucket on the floor with a mat, board, or dog bed on top! Be careful with bigger breeds though, as giant Pits, Schnauzers, and other behemoths could accidentally shift the trans while the vehicle is in motion and cause untold damage to anything from the reverse gear to the shifter cable. Because of this risk, many riders with rambunctious puppers often use accessories like Honda Talon dog boxes, Honda Talon dog kennels, and other types of partitioned Honda Talon dog carriers.

Those with 4-door Honda Talons have more space at their disposal to use for their pets. But for owners of the Honda Talon 1000r or Honda Talon 1000x, in-bed Honda Talon dog crates / dog cages might be the better option. Like with dog seats, the size of your animal will come into play when choosing the right Honda Talon dog box. A plush soft-sided dog carrier with eyelets on the front and back that can be strapped to the vehicle, zippered doors, and a built-in lanyard that can hook to your dog’s harness may work for small and tranquil breeds. But if your little buddy is rowdy and unruly, he’ll probably chew his way through a fabric-style dog carrier in no time! For such canines, a more solid option made from metal or dense plastic is almost certainly a better option!

Having a cushioned place to sit, lay, and rest is one thing, but to prevent your dog from jumping or falling out of the vehicle, a Honda Talon dog harness or Honda Talon dog seat belt might be in order. Some folks argue that you shouldn’t strap your dog in while riding so that it can jump out in the event of an accident. But if you’re riding with your dog onboard, it’s probably a safe bet to wager that you aren’t going balls to the wall – which makes the chances of a rollover much less likely. Auto harnesses belted to the crossbar behind the seat can work well for security, and standard leashes clipped to the seat itself can also prevent your dog from falling or jumping out. 

Whether you cram into the passenger seat with your dogs on your lap, or let your dogs perch themselves on the dash / over the hood to watch the cows pass by, the right Honda Talon dog accessories for you are only a few clicks away! Be it something for your Frenchie Boston mix or something for your Mini Aussie, your little friend is sure to love the Honda Talon dog accessories you pick up from Everything Honda Offroad!