Portal Gear Lifts

Whether you’re a redneck renegade looking to run 47” tractor tires on your Honda Talon R, or a hardcore mountain rider who hits mixed-terrain trails ranging from wooded pathways to sheer granite slabs, you can improve your UTV’s capabilities with a Honda Talon portal gear lift! If you don’t like driveline issues but still want a stupid amount of ground clearance, Honda Talon portals are the answer. And to maintain stock torque specs or even outperform a factory Honda Talon in terms of torque / wheel-spinning power, portal hubs grant the additional benefit of either a 15%, 30%, or 45% portal gear reduction. If you hit gnarly stuff on the regular and require parts, components, and accessories that hold up to your red right foot, you’ll be more than pleased with a set of Honda Talon portals. Be it for mud bogging or creek crossing, don’t miss out and get a portal gear lift for your Honda Talon or Honda Talon 1000x-4 today!

With a number of aftermarket Honda Talon accessories designed to make your vehicle bigger, better, and faster, there are deleterious knock-on effects that can adversely affect your riding experience. Honda Talon body lifts, for example, change the geometry of the axles, which then increases the probability of axle breakage and decoupling between the axle and differential. Because Honda Talon portal gear lifts increase the vertical height of the UTV down at the wheel hubs, they don’t put the axles at a precarious angle. If you want to install portals on your Honda Talon to go crawling, we can help with that. Or if you want a rig that will garner respect at any bounty hole nationwide, the Honda Talon portal gear lifts at Everything Honda Offroad will do just that! Why break things and remain underpowered with a bracket lift when Honda Talon portal boxes are easily available at Everything Honda Offroad?

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