Portal Gear Lifts

Enhance your UTV's performance with a Honda Talon portal gear lift, whether you're a redneck running 47" tractor tires or a mountain rider tackling mixed-terrain trails. Not only do portal hubs provide an insane amount of ground clearance, but they also offer a 15%, 30%, or 45% portal gear reduction, outperforming factory torque specs. Unlike body lifts that increase the likelihood of axle breakage and decoupling, portal gear lifts avoid such issues by augmenting the UTV's vertical height at the wheel hubs. Don't let your vehicle's aftermarket accessories diminish your riding experience; choose Honda Talon portals for a smooth and worry-free ride. Experience the thrill of mud bogging and creek crossing with confidence. Upgrade your Honda Talon or Honda Talon 1000x-4 with a portal gear lift from Everything Honda Offroad today!

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