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If you’re having Honda Talon steering rack problems and need a replacement Honda Talon rack and pinion, Everything Honda Offroad can help. Not only do we offer Honda Talon steering rack and pinions, but we also provide Honda Talon owners with steering parts like tie rods, radius rods, and more!

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It’s hard to find many things to complain about the Honda Talon. The Honda Talon offers a rare combination of fun, high-performance off-road riding and utility that no other UTV does. But of course, nothing is perfect. An unfortunate complaint we have heard time and time again from owners is problems caused by the Honda Talon’s steering rack and pinion. When Honda designed the Talon, they cut corners on some things. The Honda Talon’s steering rack and pinion is one of those. Your Honda Talon’s OEM rack and pinion were not built to last. It’s a shame, but that’s why we have so many Honda Talon owners coming to us looking to replace their broken or faulty OEM steering rack and pinion. Lucky for them, we have the solution.

The Honda Talon R and Honda Talon X share the same engine and transmission, and in stock form, they perform the same in a straight-line scenario. However, there are some key differences that have an impact when it comes to the steering rack and pinion. For example, the Honda Talon R has a different suspension, a longer wheelbase, a wider stance, and a different steering rack. So, if you’re looking for a steering rack and pinion replacement for your Honda Talon, be it OEM or aftermarket, make sure you get the right one so that it fits the Honda Talon edition that you own. Regardless of which Honda Talon you own and no matter what happened to your Honda Talon’s rack and pinion, Everything Honda Offroad has the parts to replace or upgrade any part or component of your UTV steering system.

Some components of your Honda Talon’s steering rack and pinion system present more issues than others. The Honda Talon’s pinion gears, for example, can wear out over time. This can cause the gear teeth to slip or not engage properly. Not only will this make the steering in your Honda Talon shaky and less responsive, but it could also damage other aspects of your rig’s steering system if left unchecked. The last thing you want is for your Honda Talon’s steering system to completely give out when you’re ten miles away from home. A faulty steering rack or pinion on your Honda Talon is not an issue you want to ignore. So if something doesn’t feel right behind the wheel and you suspect it could be your Honda Talon’s steering rack or pinion, you should consult your local mechanic or Honda dealer or look into the issue yourself before any further damage is needlessly incurred. Fixing the issue now will ensure you avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs or, even worse, getting stranded off-road far from home.

You can expect similar top speeds from both the Honda Talon R and Honda Talon X. However, the X series uses a different steering rack than the Talon R, and it has a different geometry as well. This is an important feature to keep in mind when in the market for a new steering rack and pinion for your Honda Talon. While it is speculated that the Honda Talon R has a limited rack and pinion steering linkage by design to prevent wear and tear, the Honda Talon X doesn’t have that limitation. Nevertheless, while the turning radius on both machines is comparable, the rack and pinions on the other hand are not. 

There are some issues that pop up on the Honda Talon that don’t require your immediate attention. An issue with your Honda Talon’s steering rack and pinion is not one of these. Left unchecked, steering rack and pinion issues will compound over time and cause all sorts of other issues with your Honda Talon’s wheels, suspension system, and alignment. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help with any of your Honda Talon’s rack and pinion woes. If your steering rack has too much slack, or if something is off with your steering pinions, don’t wait around for the issue to get worse and cause unnecessary damage to your Honda Talon. For OEM and aftermarket rack and pinion systems for the Honda Talon, there’s only one place you should visit. Everything Honda Offroad offers the UTV industry’s best rack and pinion solutions.

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