Radius Arms

Give your rig a bit of TLC and install some aftermarket Honda Talon 1000x radius arms or Honda Talon 1000r radius arms from Everything Honda Offroad today! Some folks choose to go with Honda Talon 1000x high clearance radius arms, while others decide to stick with stock-style radius arm replacements; but whichever route you’re considering, make sure to pick up your Honda Talon radius arms from Everything Honda Offroad!

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Be it the Honda Talon 1000x radius arms by SuperATV or the Honda Talon 1000r radius arms by L&W Fab, if you need new radius arms or are searching for an upgraded set of Honda Talon radius arms, Everything Honda Offroad is the best place to go looking! We carry tube-style Honda Talon radius arms as well as block-style boxed Honda Talon radius arms. If you need some rear radius arms for racing, we’ve got the perfect setup for you. Or if you need a radius arm package for trail riding, we can help with that as well! Many riders like to run Honda Talon radius arms made from heavy-duty steel, while others prefer the lightness and elasticity of billet aluminum Honda Talon radius arms. But whichever material you prefer and regardless of your talent behind the wheel, you’re sure to find an appropriate set of Honda Talon radius arms at Everything Honda Offroad!

As a crucial aspect of your machine’s rear suspension, Honda Talon radius arms play an important role in keeping the tires at the same angle throughout the entire motion of the shocks. This is called camber, and being able to maintain this camber across the full stroke of the suspension is one way in which radius arms are more advantageous than simple a-arms, struts, and trailing arms. Although running tires and wheels that are perfectly perpendicular to the chassis (zero camber) is acceptable in many applications, you’ll want to avoid positive camber (where the tops of the tires are angled away from the vehicle) at all costs. Negative camber (which is when the tops of the tires are angled towards the vehicle) is the optimal orientation for those who like to go fast. Not only does negative camber help to improve traction while cornering, but it also decreases the amount of wear that the tires experience by pressing the entire width of each tire against the ground instead of just the edge. And with the Honda Talon radius arms from Everything Honda Offroad, you’ll be able to both adjust the tire camber as well as maintain the camber no matter if the shocks are in the uppermost or lowermost position! 

For Honda Talon 1000x high clearance radius arms, the options by SuperATV are among the best in the business. As you might expect, they’re significantly stronger than their stock counterparts – and they look better too! Furthermore, thanks to their arched design, high clearance radius arms are further away from the ground, and thus less likely to impact stumps, rocks, and logs. That being said, however, even if you do manage to give them a good beating, the high clearance SuperATV radius arms will hold their own because they’re made from an advanced steel alloy! While it is possible to build your own high clearance radius arms using the OEM radius arm ends and 1.5” OD  x .25 Wall DOM tubing, when you go with aftermarket Honda Talon radius arms like the ones by SATV, you’ll get chromoly steel bushings that are zinc-plated for corrosion resistance, and beefy ⅞” heim joints that allow for ultimate camber adjustability. Because of this, you’ll be able to install lift kits or larger wheels / tires without detracting from the overall ride quality of your UTV!

Aside from SuperATV’s steel Honda Talon 1000x radius arms and Honda Talon 1000r radius arms, the firm also makes 2019 Honda Talon rear radius arms, 2022 Honda Talon rear radius arms, and rear radius arms for other Honda Talon model years out of billet aluminum. Like their steel arms, the aluminum radius arms by SuperATV also include bushings and adjustable heim joints to tweak both the toe and camber of the tires. Plus, they are made with helical inserts to make the threads dang near bulletproof! Get them because of the cool hexagonal design, or get them because of the advanced 7075 aluminum material they’re constructed from; but if you want the best Honda Talon radius arms in existence today, you’ve gotta go with a set from SuperATV!  

For high-quality Honda Talon radius arms that are quick and simple to install, Everything Honda Offroad has you covered. Our aftermarket radius arms are strong, adjustable, and incredibly durable, so regardless of whether you use them on sand dunes in the summer, or snowy back roads in the winter, you’ll be more than satisfied with any of the Honda Talon radius arms available from Everything Honda Offroad! So quit procrastinating and pick up a set for your UTV now!