Cooling System

Although the radiator plays a significant role in the Honda Talon’s cooling system, without supporting cooling elements such as cooling lines, cooling fluid, cooling pumps, and cooling fans, the best UTV radiator would be worthless. Honda Talon oil coolers, for example, allow the vehicle’s cooling system to extract heat from the oil. And if the oil is leaking from the oil cooler or the gaskets, drain plug, or valve assembly gets damaged or malfunctions, you’ll be minutes away from serious motor damage if you continue to drive. A non-functioning Honda Talon cooling system can lead to cracks in the engine block, which will put your machine out of commission. Other things such as warped pistons/cylinders and leaky head gaskets can also occur if the engine is left to overheat, the latter of which can then lead to oil being burnt and fires sparking up that can eventually consume the entire machine. This is why many riders never leave home without a fire extinguisher, but you should never let things devolve to that point in the first place. By monitoring your rig’s temperatures, topping up coolant levels before every ride, and ensuring that there are no air bubbles in the coolant lines, you can avoid the perils, and potential catastrophes brought about by overheating engines and malfunctioning Honda Talon cooling systems.

For riders that run turbo kits in their Honda Talon, another cooling element that shouldn’t be overlooked is the turbo’s intercooler. In Honda Talon turbo units, a water-to-air intercooler is used to keep the intake temperatures as low as possible for top power and efficiency as well as all-day engine performance, consistency, and reliability. A turbo intercooler reduces the air compressed temperature by the turbo, which increases the air’s density before it is sent to the engine to be mixed with fuel and combusted. Be it an intercooler to control temperatures in a turbo kit, or the other elements of a Honda Talon cooling system to prevent overheating in the engine; you’ll find anything you need to ensure a properly-functioning cooling system in your Honda Talon right here at Everything Honda Offroad.

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